Potty Training Help Please! =)

Heather - posted on 02/08/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




My oldest girl is turning 5 and my youngest girl is almost 20 months. I know that this sounds a little silly for me to be asking this question (being that I've just finished up potty training my oldest about 2 years ago), but never-the-less, I need some Mommas out there to help me make a decision please = )

Let me start of by explaining why I am not sure what to do. My oldest girl started potty training at 2 1/2. That was the point in which I thought she was ready to begin. It took 6 months to complete the entire process. (BM and all, or #1 and #2). I was working and going to college at the time so the process was a little slower than usual because the babysitter had trouble sticking to the routine, ..

Anyway - my youngest like I said is only 20months (almost). I was reading up on potty training trying to figure out if she was ready. Apparently there is more to it than I ever realized! - they have to have control over the muscles, understand basic vocabulary - like potty & good girl, knowing how to relax, pull pants up and down, and cognitive skills.

Well, normally I would think this is a bit too early to try to begin potty training; however, I find myself giving baths 3 or more times a day because she pees all over herself. I've figured out that she is only peeing once and I change the diaper plenty believe me, . So she eliminating more than the diaper can hold, and it usually winds up wrapped around her leg and soaked through her clothes. She keeps dry at night and during naps most of the time - all things that say she should be ready to potty train, but ...

I still feel like she might be too young - I don't think she even grasps the concept even slightly. When I take her to the potty and have her sit on it as practice, she looks at me silly and repeats, "What?" over and over, . I keep encouraging her though.

What should I do? I'm at a loss here, but I'm thinking 3 baths a day is a bit much, .


Kahne - posted on 02/10/2010




If you havent already.... get a more absorbent diaper. Try covering the diaper in a cloth diaper for added absorption.

I think 20 months is difficult....I know "I" personally was potty trained at 1 yr... but my daughter was 2 yrs. So its dooable... See if she takes to the "doll method".

Get a doll & a training toilet.... show her how the doll goes potty. Have her imitate you and she can can have the doll go potty.

Then see if she can copy the doll :)

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