potty training ideas! i am ready to give up on it :(

Megan - posted on 03/07/2010 ( 7 moms have responded )




my youngest is only just over 1, so not ready quite yet, but my daughter is now 2, she seems to know when she has been to the toilet and when she is going.. but i cannot get her to use the potty.

i have tried everything from leaving her nappy-less, to having books etc at the potty so she'll sit there long enough to try to go..and even taking her every hr or so to try and get that idea into her head... nothing seems to work!

any mums have any tips/ideas that work??


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Sarah - posted on 03/08/2010




what worked with my son was a sticker chart where when he got so many stickers (50, 100, 200) we took him to his favorite resturant for supper. also the Bear in the Big Blue house movie Potty Time helped alot :)

Nicole - posted on 03/08/2010




I tried a couple of times with my little boy but it didn't start till he was ready for it...no matter what I did!!! Leave it a couple of weeks and try again, don't stress yourself out too much cause she'll pick up on it and won't want to try. She is only young so I wouldn't worry...she'll get it!!! My son is nearly three and we've been training for a couple of weeks...wees are easy now he's ready the other not so great!!!

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Try getting her to use the toilet with one of the special little seat things on rather than using a potty. Praise her when she does wee in the toilet and let her watch you weeing on the toilet.

Saundra - posted on 03/07/2010




For little girls, pretty panties! Get some really cute underpants that she would love to wear and tell her once she starts going in the potty that's what she gets to wear them. If that doesn't work, it might just be to early for her. Don't worry, she will get there!

Sue - posted on 03/07/2010




She will decide when it is time. My daughter didn't fully potty train until she was almost 4 so you may have a little time yet. She peed ok at about 36 months but the other took almost another year to conquer. We did it by getting something that she really really wanted such as a toy or game and left it high on a shelf in full view and told her she could have it when she pooped in the potty for a few days. 1 week later she had the toy and we then told her that she could go and choose a toy if she kept it up for a week. She did. As soon as she was potty trained it was like she had been doing it all her life but once that little potty was conquered she wanted the big people potty and would not use her little potty. Only ever wet the bed twice and that was my fault on both occasions. I gave her too much drink too close to bed and the other time we forgot to take her potty before she went to bed. Now its a strict routine. No drink after 8 if she is really thirsty she will get an oz or 2 at most and potty before she lays down and after she has brushed her teeth.

I have been told the 1st child takes much longer than the 2nd. It wouldn't surprise me that your 2nd will copy at an early age. I have also heard with some siblings very close together age wise its sometimes the 2nd child that gets there 1st and then the 1st child gets it in gear very very quickly after that.

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I used a few different things. I did a sticker board: for every potty on the toilet she would get a sticker, when she got to 10 stickers I would take her to the dollar store & she could pick out a toy. I bought "Everybody poops", a potty book. I tried giving her fruit snacks each time...It all worked a little, but it finally happened when SHE decided to. It had to be on her own time.

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