Potty Training! UGH!!

Emily - posted on 01/31/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




My daughter Isabel is going to be 3 May 31st, and after my son was born a year ago she lost all interest in using the potty. I have tried everything. We made a potty basket together filled with treats and stickers. If she went she got treats and stickers to put on her potty chart, and we would sing and dance. I have put he potty in the living room and had her sit on it while watching cartoons, but nothing seems to work. She seems to want to stay a baby like her brother. HELP!! I don't know what to do next!!


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Amy - posted on 01/31/2010




IF she knows what it is and what to do in it then who cares ,really?

4 kids..I showed them what their potty was used for and took my Q's from them..son was 2.5 yrs old,second ds was 3,5 yrs old,daughter was a few months before her brother was born (just under 2.5 months and last son was 2.5 months..never had any regression (4 kids in 6.5 yrs)...when they are ready they will...their body not yours and if you put her on the potty then you are training YOU...stop stressing...let her be little...

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Here's what I did: We got a potty chair before my son was a year old. didn't use it, just put it in the bathroom and ignored it. eventually, he got curious, started climbing on it, then wanted to take his diaper off and sit on it like a big boy. the first time he accidentally went potty on it and the music played, he jumped, then giggled. by the time he was 19 months, HE decided he was done with diapers and wanted to be a big boy. We went straight to underwear. I don't think pullups help with potty training, but that's just me. I bought five packs of underwear and for a week, I was doing two loads of laundry a day. I never yelled at him for having accidents, just cleaned it up and told him "It's okay honey, accidents happen." Which made him want to continue. By his second birthday party, he had been completely daytime potty-trained for two months and was VERY proud of himself. we still used diapers at night till he was almost three, then it was about two or three months of changing sheets. every night at first, then less often as he went along. Always with the same "Accidents happen" response every time he wet the bed. I think that might work for you. If you have the stamina. It might take a few weeks, but no kid wants to sit around in wet underwear, even for a few minutes. Eventually she'll just learn that she has to go potty on the big girl potty chair if she wants to keep a dry bottom. but I'd hold off on the nighttime training till she's got the daytime stuff down. potty training's hard work for a little one!

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