pregnant...medicaid frustrates me!

Jessica - posted on 06/21/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




Almost a week ago i took a pregnancy test even though i had had my period. i was 5 days late and ended up bleeding on the 6th day. i had almost a normal period, but there was something about it that didnt feel quite right. my mom pretty much strong armed me into taking a test, even though i was kinda iffy. My boyfriend and i had been trying to concieve for almost a year, and i was a little iffy because we had gotten excited over nothing before. well too our amazement it was positive. so i went to the WIC office to get a pregnancy test to turn into was negative. I do not doubt my positive test what so ever. i think i just went to WIC too early... and the only tests that work for me are EQUATE or something more expensive, and they used a very cheap test. I just wish there was a cheap place i could go to get a better test done or even a blood test and a pelvic exam!! I dont understand why they have to make this so difficult, pregnant women arent supposed to stress out, but they do everything in their power to make Medicaid and WIC and all the other crap you need as stressful as possible. Ive only been at this since friday and am already sure my blood pressure must be rising by now!
I pretty much just needed to rant, but any suggestions you might have on somewhere that i could try for a cheap or free exam would be amazingly helpful :/


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pregnany center is a great place to go. If you call WIC the should be able to give you a list of places. Also in the very beginning its not as important to get to the dr, so if you need to wait a few weeks it wont hhurt anything. I was almost 12 weeks before i got into a dr with my 3rd and he was totally healthy and normal. Just start doing what you should be as a pregnant woman! Good luck!

Cori - posted on 06/21/2011




Do a search for pregnancy centers in your area. There are usually a few in each area that will do free pregnancy tests and give you the "official document" for medicaid. Some will even do a free sonogram at 10 weeks to confirm everything is going ok (because usually it takes a bit for the medicaid to kick in).

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