Preschool or no preschool?

Carla - posted on 12/13/2011 ( 64 moms have responded )




I have a 3 year old boy who will be 4 in February. We also have a 16 month. We are debating on sending him to preschool or not. I have stayed at home with him since he was born. I just recently started babysitting. All of the kids that I have so far are under the age of 2. He is a very smart little boy and does work with me usually. I am more worried about the social aspect and getting him in the routine for school. When we have play dates he is usually a very well behaved. The only problem I have is when him and his cousin get together. They have always fought since they were little. They are only 6 months apart. He does go to speech now at our local public school. He goes two days a week but he is only there for 30 mins each day. Any suggestions or advice about preschool or not would be great!


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Molly - posted on 12/15/2011




I think there's this stigma about kids being socialized with children their own age. This especially applies if you are NOT going to send your kids to school. Socializing in the "real world" often is not with exact peers but people older and younger than yourself. By not sending your kids, you don't have to expose them to additional illnesses, kicking/biting/hitting, pecking orders and more. I don't think it's right to start a child in the system this early. The reason why you're not sitting for kids this age is because many preschools are FREE. Many families are where both parents work. It is cheaper to get the kids into schools sooner. I personally feel education starts (and can end) in the home. I don't want my child to be in a school system where he cannot hug/touch his friends or express his dislike for another person. It sounds like YOU and your husband need to decide what is best for your family and how you plan to school them.

Ashley - posted on 12/15/2011




I am all for preschool. Something that prepares them for a new routine with structure and fun is great. Plus I have found that the teachers have become very important to him and he is always excited to tell me about his day!

Katherine - posted on 12/15/2011




I'm surprised at the responses on here to NOT send him to preschool. I say YES! It's important that he socialize with other kids his age, and have structure. Like Sherri said, the Kindergarten teachers will thank you! I sent my daughter and she loved it!

Sally - posted on 12/14/2011




Kids who attend preschool tend to be "better" at school until the second grade. They also tend to have more behavioral problems through their entire school careers. The quality of the preschool can make a difference to both those statistics. I personally saw no point in institutionalizing my kids any sooner than I had to. Luckily for our family that will be IF they decide to attend college.

Raina - posted on 12/14/2011




I was against preschool until I had my last baby, I needed time to rest,clean,do laundry, ex. So we sent him and he goes 2 days a week for 4 hours a day and it is just the perfect amount of time for me to get what I need done. Plus he comes home every day and tells me what he learned and it just melts my heart that he is getting so big and smart

Jenna - posted on 12/14/2011




I am completely deadset against preschool unless there is a developmental reason to send him (such as a speech delay). It is simply a falsehood that kids need exposure to other kids at that age in order to be successful at school. Besides, there are other ways to get exposure than to pay for someone else to teach him the basic academic skills--like taking him to a park to play with other kids or forming a playgroup with friends who have kids of similar ages.

I have taught all of my kids the basics (ABC's, basic reading, math--counting to 20, shapes, colors, patterns) myself and every one of them have been beyond successful in kindergarten. So much in fact that teachers ask what preschool I used. The need for preschool outside developmental issues is simply not true.

Sherri - posted on 12/14/2011




YES YES YES!!! Please send him to preschool. Your Kindergarten teachers will immensely thank you. They so very need it to get prepared for Kindergarten.

Adrienne - posted on 12/14/2011




Like most everyone has already posted - I would recommend preschool. It really helps with the social aspect and will get him into the routine of school and being away from you. My son LOVES it and it's been wonderful for him since most of his play time at home is with kids that are much older than he is. It's gotten him used to being around other kids his own age.

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As a mother, grandmother and former helper at kinders (pre-schools), I can tell you that children who attend are usually well ready for school, mainly because they are having to 'fend' for themselves without their mother 'hovering' etc. I'm not accusing you of hovering by the way, but when a child has to learn to adapt to social situations knowing that he/she doesn't have a vigilant mother on whom to fall back on, it does help. They learn to have confidence in the directress and attendants as well, so its a good preparation for school when most of the day will be spent with one teacher, without mother being anywhere nearby to run to.... God bless.

Omnia - posted on 12/14/2011




I would strongly recommend that you send him to a preschool. It will help him in many different areas and prepare him to school. The main aspect they will help you is the separation anxiety, developing his motor skills, logical thinking, independance and many other areas. you will be amazed by the results. this happened with me when I sent my daughter when shas 2.5 years. it was a great up lift in her and my life

Jane - posted on 12/13/2011




I agree that preschool is a good idea. It will help his speech, get him used to school, help him learn to make friends, teach him some better ways to handle conflict, and start giving him a bit of independence from you.

Chelsey - posted on 12/13/2011




I love preschool! My girls are 3 and 4 and both go but they go to different ones. It forces them to make new friends and not rely on each other as much. My girls love school and can't wait to go.

Ashley - posted on 12/13/2011




I think that taking him to preschool would be great. It will help his speech and it will help him with making friends with kids his own age. I have been a stay at home mom with my children for 3 years now and since June has started preschool I have noticed a huge improvement on her speech and with her getting along with other children and making friends with children her own age. My son will hopefully be going next year to preschool if they will let him in as he will only be 3. As soon as he can go to school I will be sending him because he needs that interaction with children his own age. Hope this was helpful for you.

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