Projectile vomiting and teething

Kim - posted on 04/14/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




My son is currently teething with his top teeth right now. One popped through yesterday and I can see second one on the surface. My question is could teething cause projectile vomiting? He has been projectile vomiting once a day for the past week. I think he has been swallowing a lot of his saliva because he has not been drooling as much as usual ( he is a drool machine) I'm not sure if the saliva is causing a tummy ache and then when he eats the food irritates it. After he vomits he goes on like normal, laughing and playing. Does anyone know if the teething can be the cause of his vomiting?


Sarah - posted on 04/14/2015




Hi Kim, I am a new mother of a wonderful baby boy who has just started teething. I do not have any experience either but luckily I have a mother in law who has 8 kids and a couple of new mommy friends. Several have explained exactly what you are discussing. Our little man is a drool machine as well and he has been doing the same thing. Eat, move around a bit and then spit up seemingly everything or vomit huge loads. Then going right on playing and giggling like nothing happened. I have been reassured several times by many that the swallowing of drool and teething can easily cause this for a while.I was told by my pediatrician that the vomit reflex should get less as he grows and as long as he seems happy and is not arching back or being very fussy when it happens it is ok. I hope this helps a bit. Scary stuff for me. If not you can always ring the doc. Made me feel better.

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