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Just a quick background of our family. I have a son who is 5. We live with my boyfriend who has a 5 year old son and an 8 year old daughter. I claim them as my own.
My boyfriends son Sam kept coming home from kindergarten with bruises and red marks. When we asked about them he said a boy we will call "Matt" hit him. This was becoming almost an everyday thing. Beginning to get concerned I said something to his teacher about it after school one day. His teacher told me that "Matt" has a slight case of autism and that him and Sam play together all the time. She said that sometimes "Matt" doesnt realize hes being so rough but he loves Sam and Sam really likes playing with him.
I told my boyfriend that night and we talked to Sam about it telling him that when "Matt" gets rough with him he should just tell him that he doesnt like it when hes that rough and to use soft nice touches.
This was towards the beginning of the year and I havent noticed as many marks on Sam. I was in his class a few weeks ago and him and "Matt" were sitting right next to each other being very good.
I just HAD to brag about Sam and how proud I am of him.


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That's awesome! I love the proud parent moments, and we should be sharing them. All the concerns we have are important, but man the proud moments are the BEST
My sons teacher emailed me today and said, "Thank you for being such a wonderful example, the world needs more people like your son in it. :) Made my day.
My boy had donated his personal, brand new books (favorite series) he just bought with Christmas gift cards to his fellow students since he finished reading them...


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That was wonderful and inspiring! I know several children in my area with various levels of Autism and you're right that they aren't always aware of how aggressive they can be at times. I'm sure it's difficult for the families. It's great that you son is able to have such a colorful friend, and they will learn a lot from eachother!
I have to admit that before i finished reading your story fully, I was expecting to hear about a kid turning the tables on a bully,LOL. This was SO MUCH BETTER!

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I loved reading that! We are all swamped with such horrible things in the news. It was wonderful to read something about kindness and love for others. Thanks for sharing.

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