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Kim - posted on 07/05/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




My name is Kim I am a 26yr old mom of 2 precious baby boys Keoni 18months and Kaden 6wks. It has been a nightmare to go anywhere. When Keoni was a baby he did not see the world til he was 6months old because he slept. Kaden on the other hand screams whenever we are out anywhere and Keoni well he is all over the place but what can I expect. People look at me weird because my newborn is screaming and my toddler is crazy wild. Any advice on what to do for more plesant outings?


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Sarah - posted on 07/05/2010




Put the 18 month old in the stroller and the 6 wk old in a front carrier. This will help keep the toddler in one place and the newborn happy because he will be right next to you. Try to plan your trips. Don't go when it is the toddler's nap time or when it is meal time. Try to feed baby before you go out. If you are out during meal time plan accordingly and stop to eat when you would eat when at home. Ignore the looks you get. People look no matter what. I do day care and will have a triplete stroller and two toddlers holding onto the stroller when we go out. I get A LOT of looks even when the kids are being good!! I would probably look too....that is a lot of kids. But we are out having fun and there are times when someone is not happy. I do my best, but sometimes one is just going to cry for a little bit. The more you do it the better it will get. The kids will start to figure out your routine in going out and it will get easier and easier. You can also practice at home. Take a walk around the block and have the toddler hold onto the first you may have to hold his hand to the stroller. If he lets go then you stop and don't go until he is holding on again. When you walk somewhere find things the toddler can do along the way. Have him point to things he finds that are a certain color or shape. Or go through the alphabet finding letters. If walking at the park look for animals or footprints. Just stick with can do it!

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When my daughter was younger i had to take her out. my bf didn't have a driver's license, his family said they would take him back and forth to work and he would end up almost being late because they would never show, my family was always too busy, so i was the only person to take him back and forth and to run errands. we would go to walmart, my daughter was about 5 weeks old at this time, and this woman looked at me all crazy because i had my child out in public. and Lily was quiet too! wasn't making any noise at all. the woman told me i was a bad mother for not having my baby in the house because she could get sick, which for the record my daughter is now 13 months old and never even had a cold!

but anyways, i guess what i'm trying to say is, those people don't know you. don't worry about them giving you crazy weird looks. it's a fact that you can not keep a child locked in the house 24/7. it's not possible and it's not practical.

Jessica - posted on 07/05/2010




Ignore the people looking at you and keep taking the boys out. :) I don't know if these people staring at you are parents or not, but don't pay attention to them. And if they are parents, then they should know better! :) I think it's important to take LOs out and get them used to seeing different people and places.

Do you wear Kaden? I would try that if you're not already. If he feels you close, then that might help calm him down so he's not screaming. Also, making sure he's fed and has a fresh diaper. That way he's comfortable. As for Keoni..It sounds like he might just be doing the normal toddler thing. :) Make sure he's also fed and dry and just go for it. Maybe try the park for awhile where he can run around. We go to the shopping mall during the week in the AM when it's not so crowded. He likes to walk around sometimes, so I just follow him while pushing the stroller. He usually gets tired after a little while and wants to sit in it. I give him his sippy of water and he's totally chill.

Also, at the grocery store I have him in the cart and I bring his sippy also. I let him hold my shopping list or something that I put in the cart. He likes to "help". :)

Good luck! I'm sure it's very difficult with 2 LO who are so demanding in their own ways. Hang in there! :)

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