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Alright...now for the past 2 days my 2 1/2 yr old son has been "accident" free while awake with his potty training. He has only worn a diaper and wet his diaper when he is sleeping or when we went to the store. He is running around naked from the waist down, which is fine with me but when we have company over or a babysitter...I would rather have him covered. I have attempted to get him to put on underwear so he is not getting carpet burns on his butt while playing during the day but is flat out refusing to put them on. I even bought him Thomas underwear thinking he would wear them because they have Thomas on them. (he LOVES Thomas and Friends, he won't even wear a shirt if it doesn't have Thomas on it!)

My question is how do I get him to put on underwear?!? If I put a diaper back on him he will just pee in it.



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Tried the shorts idea...within 10minutes of him having the shorts on he had an accident. Boy was he mad at himself for that one. So far today we have been running bear again and so far so good.

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Maybe let him pick out the underwear? I agree with the shorts idea though, especially if he's going accident free in the day. :)

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Another idea - is undies under the nappy, to get that wet feel. But by the way WAHOOOOO great job

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I like the commando idea lol Also, since you're still putting a diaper on him at night, maybe try putting the underwear on top of the diaper. That's how we introduced underwear to our son. He also loves Thomas but I think he had a little issue with the way the material feels, compared to the way the diaper feels against his skin. I've got it now where he'll wear the underwear without the diaper but he still won't go pee or poo in the potty :( Good luck!

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