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Giselle - posted on 09/17/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




My name is Giselle and I am a wsahm. My husband and I have two children. We would like to move out of California and buy a home and add to our family. I wanted to know a few things that would really help in our decision.

1) what state do you live in?
2) what does your other half do for a living to support the family.....my husband is a truck driver
3) were you a stay at home mom before you purchased your home and how did that affect the process
4) how many children do you have
5) any other financial or stay at home mom tips you can give me please and thank you.


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Jenna - posted on 09/19/2013




I live in Iowa. I see ads in the paper for truck drivers all the time here. The cost of living is low and the schools are good. Homes are affordable. We did not see the big recession here like the rest of the country. My husband is an attorney but we had lots of student loans when buying our first home and didn't have a big enough down payment so we had to pay extra for mortgage insurance. Once we had enough equity in the home we could stop paying for the insurance. We didn't buy an over the top house, but a fixer upper with good bones in a really nice neighborhood that we could remodel as we could afford it. That was 15 years ago. We have 3 kids. We are still in the same house because we love the neighborhood and the house is now how we like it.

I was afraid of quitting my job because of finances, but I no longer had to buy work clothes, pay for parking and eat out for lunch or pay day care. When I quit we ate at home more because I had more time to fix meals. For me, being organized saves me lots of money. I have time to watch for the sales and cut coupons, etc.

Make a list of what your expenses are now and what they will be if you aren't working.

I know someone whose husband drives truck over the road and she is a para at school so she can be with her kids when there is no school.

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I live ins SC. It is a diverse state--I live in the upstate, and I LOVE it here because we can easily drive down to the beach for a weekend, or go hike in the mountains for a day. Downtown has lots of wonderful art and cultural scenes and a beautiful historic district--a great combination of preservation and growth.

My husband is a biometric and industrial data systems engineer. He is a partner at his firm. Engineering is a HUGE field here.

I was not a sahm when we purchased our house. We bought it right after we married. It was very inexpensive, so we didn't have to do a mortgage. There are lots of inexpensive homes here--the median house cost in SC is less than $250,000.

We have one child.

....not sure about tips....I love being a sahm. I get to be involved in my community in ways that I couldn't be when I worked.

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