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So both of my daughters have outgrown their current car seats. My oldest is 3yrs old and 40 lbs. Her car seat goes up to 40lbs and then turns into a booster..but we dont want her in a booster yet. My youngest is 9 months and is too big for her baby carrier. I just bought her a Graco my ride 65 which is convertible and can go up to 65lbs.

My questions is..We were going to buy 2 of the My ride 65 seats, one for each of them. But do you think its better to do this or to buy a convertable carseat for the baby and have the big sister sit in the my ride 65 because of the higher weight limit? Do you think the 3 yr old will be over 65lbs by the time the baby is over 40?

Sorry if this is confusing!! Lol..thanks in advance for any advice!!


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The 9 month old still needs to be rear facing, so I would put her in the My Ride 65, since it rear faces up to 40 lbs.

I would buy the Graco Nautilus for the 3 year old, which is forward facing with a 5-point harness up to 65lbs, then turns into a high back booster up to 100lbs.

My son is in the Nautilus and we absolutely love this seat. He is 6 yrs old and still fits well within the limits on the 5 point harness both weight and hight wise. The slats go up extra high so hight is not so much of an issue.

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IMO, skip the booster unless it has a five point harness. Safety is the most important and kids that age really are not built to utilize a booster seat with the cars seat belt. Seat belts are designed for adults and people of much larger sizes. Just because they sell them and say it is okay does not mean they are right! do your research and then decide.

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Convertible car seats are more expensive. Since your older one doesn't need to face backward I would look into a different forward facing one for her that goes to a higher weight limit. But use the convertible one for the baby since she still needs to be rear facing.

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Honestly it is hard to really know how it will work out since all kids grow differently - for example, my kid didnt have issues with weight but instead with height for the car seats that made up keep changing them!

One thing to note is that you can buy one seat now and purchase the other one if you end up needing it, which saves you money for purchasing something you dont need. However, if it really makes you feel more secure, purchase the seat. Sounds like either way you go you have your little ones protected so dont fret!


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we brought one of those booster seats that has the harness for our daughter, we brought ours from Big W, weight range is 9kgs-26/36kgs

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Yeah I don't know. My son at 5 months was too broad shouldered and long to fit into the baby carrier (29 inches!) not to mention he weighed 24lbs. So, we had to buy a new carseat at 5 months. Why are you so bothered by your 3 year old in a booster?????? I guess I'm just old school, and figure we raised generations of kids without so many laws so I think it's just redundunt...... I'd go with the booster as it's not going to be any safer at that age or weight..... But that's just me. If you are so worried about it though and really want your kids in carseats as long as possible, just buy both.

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