Questions about being a mom a second time around

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I have a couple qeustions about being a mom a second time around. I have only one child but if i was ever to have another one I would like to know these things.

My son is 1.5 and is a toddler. If was to ever have a baby soon well allowing the time for 9 months of pregnancy, there are things i need to know.

1. How do you plan outings? When you have one child that is a young toddler and a baby that is new, what would you do if on an outing your newborn baby starts crying because he or she is hungry and you have a toddler that is screaming also because they are not getting their way. How would you console the toddler when the baby needs to be fed? Do you go home right away or what would you do. These are just some of the frightning things that come to mind when i think of taking 2 young kids out and about.

Also for sleeping arrangments what would you do if your new baby is in a bassinet in your room and your toddlers room is right next to your room and the baby wakes up during the night for feedings and it wakes up the toddler. Keeping in mind there are no other rooms where the toddler could sleep ( small townhouse). What would you do in this situation? I need all the help i can get just in case, thank you.


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My oldest is about to turn 5 and my youngest is about to turn 2. First i'm super organized and scheduled. But to be honest with kids you just deal as they come. As far as outings I always just come prepared. If we are at say McDonalds and oldest is playing and youngest is throwing a fit. Try feeding, try diaper, then get up and move. Give it a little while and if it didn't help then i would give it a little bit and then it is time to go. I just deal with it as it came. My kids share a room and have been for about a year now and to be honest it has been super easy. They just ignore each other. If she is crying he never wakes up. If he comes to bed later, she will peak up and look and then go back to sleep. No problems. The biggest issue i've had is fighting. But it really hasn't been really that hard. You just deal with it. You could have a kid with a super easy temperment and no problems. A high maintenace one where you have to do things a certain way. You figure it out and you figure it out pretty quick

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I've got 3 young ones myself 2, 3 and 5. We don't go on very long outings. I would plan outings during times where naps or snacks times are not missed. Grumpy and hungry children aren't pleasant to be with anytime. Our biggest outing of the week would be the grocery store. I really don't do mall shopping with children. We do Target runs and that's about the extent of shopping. The babies don't really wake up the older children. We do have fans in each room to block any sounds from the other children. I was more concerned of an older child waking the baby up during naptime. Hope that helps some.

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When my second son was born my first son was only 15 months old, so I was very worried my oldest ahd only been walking for 4 months:/ needlesss to say I didn't know how I was going to manage. It is hard I won't lie but you really learn to multi task and befor you know it your a pro mommy and know just how to manage on your own. As far as outings go I always tried to take somebody with mefor a little help because I didn't even have a double stroller. Pick one day of the week to do all your errands that way you don't have to go out soo much with two small ones. But there is always a time when you will have to go out with both of them, and say your at the mall and the baby wants to eat for a feeding, sit in a dressing room/sit in car/on a bench , and pull out a coloring book/ stickers/ any sort of game to preoccupy them while you feed your little one, you can include them by asking them to wipe babies mouth with burp cloth when time, if bottle feeding this will make them feel very involved and distracting them from oh say... trying to run away why you are bound down with your purse diaper bag baby eating a bottle on a bench trying to chase after them lol. ok about the bed time situation, when pregnant with my oldest we do ALOT of church so automatically my baby was a use to loud music just from being in the womb, so I was told that he wouldn't be a light sleeper because of this so try to play music while your oldest is asleep or keep the tv on it gets them adjusted to tuning things out while sleeping. I didn;t think tyhis was true but my son can sleep through ANYTHING now. When my second don was born our oldest still slept in our room in his crib and when the baby woke up my oldest never stirred. But some children are different so you may be one of those mommy's that has to get the toddler back to sleep there in the beginning when the little new one is first born, but he/she should adjust soon after a few weeks.

You learn to manage it all, Hope this helps

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