Rare food allergies... my 6 month old is allergic to APPLES?

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2 days ago I gave my son some juice. I didn't read the label and just pored him an 8 oz diluted bottle. Later I gave him another. A few hours later were sitting at a family members house and my son starts literally vomiting compulsively. It wasn't spit up or projectile vomiting, it was seriously a grown person vomit. Sound effects, chunks, repetitive, etc. After 5 vomits my son stopped breathing because he was getting so choked. After turning purple he finally was able to breath when I turned him upside down. (Closest I have ever been to calling 911.) My heart seriously DROPPED! Anyway after a little bit he was okay. I thought I had just over loaded him with juice. I didn't give him anymore all night and all yesterday.

Today I decided to read the label (like a smart person should have done in the 1st place.) This time I gave him 4 oz diluted. We were leaving and he was sleepy so he literally took MAYBE 2 small, small drinks. 1 hour later my son was vomiting uncontrollably again! Turning purple from lack of oxygen, crying every small second he got, and squirming like a fish. Again I'm on the verge of 911. Not only does he throw up those 3 times then though -but another 2 times another hour after. He got so sick it turned to foam and had a green tint. Finally he calmed down but only to become absolutely ballistic. He cried for HOURS! 6 actually. Refused to eat, and also NEVER took a nap for a total of 8 hours. I called my uncle (an emergency room Dr.) since my night shift pedi wasnt answering. Took him to our local E.R. and he was diagnosed with a sever allergy to APPLE JUICE! No, seriously.

I have fed my son apple sauce before and no reaction happened. But lo and behold apple juice will cause him to go crazy. I can't feed him apples for a week and then we are retesting him but I know that's what it was. No other common factor came into play those 2 days. It's not a virus because it wouldn't have skipped a day. I just seriously can't believe APPLES. I've never heard of that. Especially just in juice form.

Anyone else experiencing this? Tips please. I'm taking him to his pedi tomorrow to make sure of everything I need to know but I'm astonished about this...


Tarahmalek - posted on 12/14/2013




I purchased an organic gala apple and steamed then used my baby bullet to puree it and gave it to my 7 month old daughter 3 days in a row, the first day she spit it up and vomited mildly; the second day she stuck out her tongue and spit it back out and developed target lesions all over her body; the third day her feet starting swelling and additional lesions surfaced. I originally thought it was just bad mosquito bites as I live in a tropical climate, and spoke with a nurse over the phone about treating insect bites with baking soda / water paste, coconut oil (organic), fresh aloe from the backyard, cool showers...needless to say that didn't work. Once her feet started to swell, I knew that it was an allergy and called the after hours family practice to meet me as this was an emergency. She immediately diagnosed her with an APPLE FOOD ALLERGY (of all things, apple, this is rare, I hope she grows out of it). The medication that was prescribed was 3 day dose of liquid steroid and children's Benadryl. She said it wasn't ER bad, but severe enough to need immediate medication. I did a little research and if your child is allergic to apples (birch pollen) you may also have a reaction to: Carrots, Celery, Hazelnuts, Peaches, Pears, Raw potatoes.

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It might not be the apple, has he had any trouble with other fruits? My daughter and I are allergic to the pesticides and waxes they put on fruits so I have to buy everything organic. We get itchy throats, lips and rashes. When my daughter was little she would throw up too. Watch to see if he grabs at his throat or ears or his lips. Oh and peeling the skin off doesn't work if it is this allergy as the chemicals are absorbed into the fruit. Good luck.

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Well, we just got back from the Dr. and it's confirmed that it is an allergy to the juice. He said that for babies that have the same allergy it's not uncommon to only be allergic to the juice but not the actual apple too. He said that sometime a baby that has a cows milk protein allergy (mine does) will have an apple allergy. Rarely but do. I am formula feeding now because my milk supply stopped at 2 weeks. I also asked if his eczema was part of the reaction to the juice but sadly it isn't. (I was hoping it would go away without the juice.) Basically my instructions are though to keep him away from any mixed/pure/artifical flavoring of the juice until he's one. Then we retest. Hopefully it goes away tomorrow. I still dont know what to do about his pedialyte though. It's ALL he drinks. No food, no forula, nothing... oh well. The Dr. did say too that 6-8 oz a day of juice is perfectly fine as long as its diluted for his size (he's about the size of a 1 1/2 year old maybe bigger. (length wise). I still can't believe it though. Apple Juice. WTC!

Kylie - posted on 04/05/2010




i just wanted to say that you sound like a really great mum, the way you handeld yourself and the actions and precautions you have taken are great..you recognised a problem quickly and dealt with the matter very fast and good for you.

I have a nephew who is allergic or who was allergic to peanuts and his mum had to check everything that he ate and everything that the other kids ate in class with him because the smallest trace could have been really bad.he had the allergy for 8 yrs and his mum was told kids that age that still have the allergy rarely grow out of it.but he has. on a routine allergy check up the doctor tested him and found there was no reaction so this easter is the first easter that he has had any chocolate that he wanted because his mum wasnt scared he would die if he ate it.i guess all i could say to you is that to make sure you keep getting him tested and read every label, and again great work.

Lucy - posted on 05/07/2014




I can eat apples and could drink the old 'from concentrate' style carton juice but if I even have a sip of a good cloudy apple juice- organic or not I get severe neck pain and difficulty breathing and a rash on face and neck. I also have a wheat intolerance and was very sensitive to certain washing powders and dairy, but the apple juice allergy came on later in life. Antihistamines help but it can effect me for hrs and the internal pains are fierce...might be why there is all the crying?! :(

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Fit2BMe - posted on 11/30/2012




Our son has extensive allergies with a very very similar reaction, so I feel your pain.

Babies do not have the same extra reserves of oxygen that we have, so go blue/purple quite easily. That doesn't make it any easier to see though.

He has since "outgrown" some of his sensitivities, however is still unable to have soy, dairy, most corn (three ingredients that are in everything), or pork (which is fine as we don't eat pork anyway.)

Take heart, mama, working around allergies eventually becomes automatic.

I do STRONGLY suggest though, that if your little guy is sensitive and vulnerable in this way, then to use exclusively organic, and wash well. It has made a huge difference for us.

Jeannine - posted on 11/30/2012




my 9 year old is autistic, we had him tested for allergys to see if he might have the dariy and whey allergy, he did not, but they did tell us he was allergic to apples and peaches. he never had any reactions, lol, but its hard, most healthy snacks have fruit juice for sugar substitues, the fruit juice they use is usually apple juice, its crazy but thats a heads up for you to check all the foods he eats.

Jane - posted on 04/05/2010




this sounds incredibly frightening. this is why pediatricians suggest no juices until 12 months unless they are very constipated. their little bodies can't handle some things before a year and sometimes if it's kept out of their diets, they will be okay and not develop allergies when they have it at the appropriate age. actual fruits are better than juices but 6 months is still so little. their digestive systems are fragile and they are more likely to have reactions to changes. it takes their bellies a week to adapt to major changes.
things like peanuts, strawberries, shelfish are suggested to not be introduced until 2yrs or 3 yrs and also not to be given too often so as not to risk allergies later in life.
it's all a huge learning process. sometimes the labels aren't adequate guides, b/c it's on a shelf doesn't mean they need it or should have it. the doctor should be able to give you a feeding guide.
good luck and i hope he feels better soon!

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No, no other problems with any other fruits, he handles applesauce just fine. The Dr. said that he is specifically allergic to apple juice. It's the Gerber brand for sitters.

Also Amy, I did take him to the ped today but they didnt give him an actual test, nether did the hospital. The Dr. said that we have to wait till he's 1 and then we are going to test him on everything... I'm not sure what the process is though?

Kylie: Thank you! That honestly means more to me than you can imagine. I know I'm a good mom but in all honesty I've seriously only heard someone say it to me twice since he was born. My husband and his aunt. No one else has said it at all. Not because they think I'm a bad mom but I suppose it just never occurred to them that I needed some praising. Honestly, I did my best in the situation. It was terrifying to see him not breathing like that. I really appreciate your words though. Thank you!

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That sounds like an anaphylactic reaction... you should make sure you get him to the ped for RAST testing ASAP.

The good news is that a lot of allergies are grown out of. :) My 8 yo had an apple allergy (he got a rash, not a big deal) and a pea allergy (different rash and the runs) and he can eat both of those foods now.

The vomitting and turning purple may be signs of the anaphylaxis. I hope not, but if it is, you need to know. Hang in there!

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My fiance is allergic to apple sauce and only apple sauce...he loves apples and apple juice but apple sauce makes his throat itchy and depending on how much he has, he can break out in a rash. Lol...I didn't believe him so I asked him to demonstrate when we were dating.

Kim - posted on 04/05/2010




My Mother and I are allergic to broccoli. Of course since Pres Bush Sr had that horrible reaction to it they put it in everything and when I go out I have to ask if their Rice pilaf or mixed veggies have broccoli in it. I get horrible stomach pains, my Mother immediately vomits as her throat starts to close up. Luckily she is ok after that.

Do they put Nitrates in the apple juice? I don't have a bottle here to check. It could be nitrates not the apple juice he's allergic to, a lot of people are allergic to nitrates.

Renee - posted on 04/05/2010




It might be that it is to sweet for him (especially if you are formula feeding). I would think that if he is having a problem with apples that it would be true apples too not just the juice. Remember too that 2 eight ounce (dilluted I know) bottles of juice is a lot of juice! Water or milk would be much better.

If he is still having a problem-talk to your dr but around one they normally will do allergy testing. We are waiting with my son because the ins. doesn't cover it. His is to wheat though...

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