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So my 2 year old was Potty trained and has been the past 8 months. We moved about a month ago and her doctor told me that any big changes could set her back in the training area! It has... She will still poo in the potty, but I can't get her to pee in the potty. Anymore Ideas? I have watch kids, worked at a daycare and I am VERY creative with this stuff. I have done bubbles, paint, flour, dirt, I have even drawn a picture on the bottom of her potty chair and she still wont pee in it!


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Kristin - posted on 03/28/2010




I tell my 2.5 year old that if he's going to wet himself like a baby does, then he is going back into baby diapers. He's not at all liking that idea at all. have you tried just letting her stay in her pee? Just a thought, I've heard it works. Otherwise, just continue with putting her there regularly.

Good luck.

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The best thing I could suggest is not to put her back in nappies, she will only get confused and will be likely to favour wearing a nappy than using the potty. Just persevere, put her in regular knickers and ask her if she needs the loo at regular intervals, if she wets herself she'll evenetually learn to use the potty first. If not you could always try to get her using the toilet instead.

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