recipe from my home , moisturising face,hair..desperate and have no time to shop for these things...

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hi there every one, im a sahm and really need to start to look after me...I dont have the time to shop and find theses things,so im trying to figure out if i can make things from home...need any ideas of moisturising cream for my face and treatment for my hair...I would appreciate any advise and hey we can all start pampering ourselves with out breaking the bank..:-)


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ok do you put the coffee grains straight from the Jar or you add water then put it on??? thanks for that ..:-)

Julie - posted on 09/10/2009




Coffee helps tighten the skin ,so sometimes I put some on my face...You can actually feel it. Def helps when you look and feel tired.

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A couple of years ago my girls cheked out some books from the library on all of that. I wish I could remember the name of it but there was a great mayo conditioner, homemade honey facials, all kinds of fun easy things. I believe they found the book in the teen section. Worth asking about at your local library or book store.

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