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hi my daughter is 4 months ive had to put her on the bottle as i can no longer breastfeed and the last cupple of days she has been very wingy she is teething but lately she has been stretching out and screaming so i give her wind stuff to bring up wind she does but stll screams then i try panidole and sometimes it does work but i dont want to give it to her unles necessary and i have also tryed warm water but sometimes she wont drink it so is this reflux and what else can i do???


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Could be allergies. Try either soy milk formula, Alimentum or Nutramigen. The last two are very expensive, but if your baby seems to respond well to one sometimes you can get free samples from your pediatrician.

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My son had horrible reflux right from day one and i nursed him. We tried him on every formula when he was changed to get it to stop. He would just throw everything up. We found 2 that worked for about a month each, Enfamil gentealease and Enfamil thickened. Remember if you change what a baby is eating it takes about a week to 2 weeks before the baby is adjusted. If after there is no difference in the baby with the formula you have given try another one. Do NOT change every few days. Give it time. If you change the diet they will get gas forever and the body will not adjust. It's like me, i don't eat red meat. If by chance i do, i know it and so does my
It doesn't sound like reflux at all but it sounds like pretty bad gas so again give her a bit more time to adjust to the formula and if there is no improvement try another kind. Make sure you advise the Dr at her next check up of the change you made for her as well.
Good luck

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It doesn't sound like reflux or she would be spitting up a lot. My son is 4 months and has severe reflux but he is also sensitive to lactose in his formula. You can try changing her formula to a gentlease kind that has some of the lactose removed and the proteins broken down. That may help her tummy. But if all else fails, take her to the Dr. and see what he says.. Good luck:)

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Maybe you could talk to your doctor, when I was a baby I was allergic to formula and had to drink goats milk.

It's probably hard for her to have to change over. Good luck.

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