Repeat C-section VS VBAC....

Niccole - posted on 03/16/2010 ( 9 moms have responded )




I had to have an emergency C-section with my first son due to fetal distress and now I don’t know if I want to try a VBAC or just have another C-section. Has anyone had a VBAC? Did it work, fail? Please share your thoughts!!!!


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Amy - posted on 03/18/2010




I had an E-c section too. it sucked. With my son, i had a VBAC. I could walk myself (heck, i could skip) to the bathroom an hour after I had him. I went to and drank a lot of red raspberry LEAF tea the last two months. I had 6 total hours of labor. i stayed home until i felt like i NEEDED to get to the hospital --hon, as soon as you get there they try and LAY you down on your back, which naturally slows labor which could end up in another csection. try to stay standing and upright as long as possible. we walked a lot at the hospital and when my water broke we checked in. I was in the delivery room for a couple hours. I tried the epidural - which i regret. it didn't take and labor really wasn't that bad. next time all natural here. it went SO fast and before i knew it he was in my arms and i was thinking ---that was way the heck easier than getting cut open!! wish i did those few things with my daughter. maybe i could have avoided a csection in hte first place. i also have a sense of completion in motherhood. something i don't think anyone else understands unless they have had a c sec and a natural. there's just something about a natural birth. i encourage anyone to try.

Heather - posted on 03/18/2010




I too had to have an emergency C with my oldest, 8 hrs into labor 6 cm dialated and they found that she was breach. It must have been the scariest experience of my life. I felt a little cheated only because I wasn't the first to get to hold and cuddle this precious being I had just spent the last 10 months "growing". My second was born via all natural VBAC. I would never make a different decision. At my first appt with my OB I told him " I want to do a VBAC with no pain meds and as little intervention as possible unless myself or my child is at risk, if you can't support my decision please let me know so I can find another OB" (I had also done much research on the subject before making my decision) Glad to report I was successful after a very long 12hrs hard labor and 2hrs pushing my son was born with little to no medical intervention, healthy and happy. Because I made the decision I did and was successful I got to be the first to hold my son and nurse him immediately after birth. I am now prego with #3 and will certainly try another VBAC, however if at any time my health or my childs will be better served by havin a C then that's the way we will go. Good Luck making your decison and remember no matter what anyone says all that matters is that ur little bundle is healthy as are you when the process is over!

Nichelle - posted on 03/18/2010




it depends on you, your body and your doctor. my older three were all vaginal and my 4th was breeched. so they told me id have to get a csection, b/c i was in active labor. 5strong contractions later he was in the right position. then 2hrs later my sons heart you guessed it emerg csection. it was horrible!! my husband wsant there, noone was! i was panicky didnt know what to expect. my doctor was wonderful but the nurses treated me like s**t. so noone checked up on me told me anything about the surgery or anything. i asked questions about how to care for it no nurse would explain, i just kept getting oh the doctor will explain, i was in the hospital for a week before the one call doctor came to finally see me and take the bandages off, hr ripped my skin off by yanking the tape i was bleeding everywhere!!...then i was in so much pain and kept the nurses..when my ob doc finally came back in town i told him what happened to me he went off on the director at the hospital, my scar was infected b/c they didnt don aything for me, so he had to reopen the scar clean it out and my husband to clean it out 4xs a day. it had to heal open.i had gauzes inside and was the worse...then like 6mths later we find out that iwas pregnant again with our 5th. when was going into labor we werent inour area so i had to go to the nearest hospital, i immediately told the doctors what happened the last time. i wanted to try a vbac. so they said okay. with in 5 hrs of labor i couldnt do it. with every contraction, it felt like the scar tissue from my last emergcsection was tearing apart..i was in so much pain AND I CAN TOLERATE PAIN but not this one. so we did another csection. it was so much better the nurses were better b/c they listened to me. the plus was b/c i knew what to expect, it was easier this time around. my healing time was shorter, i wasnt in alot of pain there were days but not a all the time. i felt it was easier just going with the csection the second time around b/c you know..

MARIE - posted on 03/18/2010




I had a vbac and everything went fine.I was told several times all the risks about having another c-section, but made up my mind as soon as I found out I was pregnant that I didnt want another c-section. Aaron was born after 3 hours of labour with no complications. Good luck whatever you decide xx

Tracy - posted on 03/17/2010




hi im not sure if this counts as a vbac but when we were trying to get pregnant i had an operation like a c section to remove some fibroids so had the same scar etc.
When i gave birth we had moved countries so they didn't know,my daughter was born premature and fast i didn't have time for any meds or anything and luckly did not need to push hard (it happened so fast i didn't feel like i had had a baby,was in deniel).second time around my son was frank breech and i had to have a c-section they also told me i should have had a c-section the first time round.I was happy that my baby was born safe and sound and did not care which way they got here ,next time round i wont take the risk and just have the c-section.What does it matter how they get here as long as they arrive safe.

Catherine (Cathy) - posted on 03/17/2010




I wasn't able to proceed past 7 cm with my first child, so I had to have a c section. It was very important to me to try a VBAC with our 2nd child. I discussed all the risks with my dr and did a ton of research. I am happy to say I was successful ! The pain was excruciating! I am not going to lie to you, but for me it was worth every painful second. 2 hrs of pushing and an episiotomy. After all was said and done, my midwife told me I had a 20% chance of being successful. I was so proud of my self. My husband, sister and my Mom were all with me. Their picture of me is changed forever in their minds I'm sure. LOL. Good luck with your decision.

Sabrina - posted on 03/17/2010




I've had 2 C-sections. The first was an emergency, and the second was scheduled. I didn't have a choice in the matter actually. In Oklahoma, there have been laws passed that make it nearly impossible for OB's in the state to stay in business and carry the malpractice insurance required to do VBACs.

My second c-section also went a lot smoother than the first. We knew it was going to be one, so it was scheduled for 4 days before my due date. There was no labor, and no stress. I wasn't nearly as tired or as sore the second time around.

Also, when I was pregnant with my second son, my husband was building a vacation house for an anesthesiologist who worked in Witchita, KS where the laws are looser. We had dinner with him and his wife one night, and he said that if you are going to try a VBAC then it needs to be done if a very large and well resourced hospital, but he still wouldn't suggest it. He said that a very large percentage of patients that he had seen lost on the table were women whose incision scar had burst open during labor, and in his hospital they actually have an operating room on the OB floor. He also said he's seen the scar burst more often than not with VBACs, and pretty much the only way you can save a woman when that happens is to do a hysterectomy.

He also said that most women die of sheer blood loss more than anything else. He said that there are so many vessels in the uterus that when it does tear open like that more than a few minutes of bleeding from there can kill a person.

So having that information, I'm glad that Oklahoma is the way it is, and I'm happy to just have a c-section.

Leigh - posted on 03/17/2010




Weve always learned that having a VBAC after a c section is cause for problems but its all in what you believe. I know alot of people that are agains c section which im for them. If i hadn't had a c section both my daughters might have died in childbirth due to an unidentified heart condition. I also know some that have had a home delivery and it went smoother than the hospital delivery. It takes you a little longer to get over a c section but if you get over pain easier c sections are a little bit easier because its planed and you know everyone will be there if anything happenes.

Jennifer - posted on 03/17/2010




I had a c-section with my oldest becase she was breach and folded in half. With my son, I wanted to experience labor and a vaginal birth but if I could go back and change my decison, I would. I had a horrible experience delivering my son. I blame this experience on the doctor....after being in labor for alsmost 20 hours and then pushing for 3.5 hours I was completely exhausted and my Dr. wasn't listening to me when I was telling him that I couldn't do it, that I was completely drained of energy. After begging my husband and willing myself to stop pushing, the dr. took me upstairs to do a c-section and by that time my son had moved down to far and the dr. had to use forceps to remove him. I was in extreme pain for days and had horrible hemroids from pushing so long and so hard and not having anyone listen to me and to top it off, my c-section scar was really sore for quite awhile afterwards, which was also blamed on the pushing. If you do decide to have a VBAC, make sure you can trust that your dr is going to listen to you, you are the one that knows what your body can do. Good luck

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