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Hi there. My son is 14 1/2 months. He can destroy a house in about 30 seconds flat. lol. I have been home since I was pregnant. I am NOT the 'housewife' type. It's just not my personality type. Although I LOVE being home with my son, I have an EXTREMELY hard time keeping the house in any kind of order. For all you SAHM that have a routine, or any kind of regular schedule, can you throw me some advice? I also have been going to the gym, so I need to work that into my daily schedule. Geez! Work was so much easier. :)


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Emily - posted on 01/28/2010




Thanks everyone. I guess it's just nice to know I'm not the only unorganized SAHM out there. When I worked outside the home, I had a different opinion of SAHMs. A job is easy. They give you a 'job description' and usually have a schedule for you. Thanks!

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I have a 4 year old son and 14 month old twin girls. Our days are pretty much the same - wake up eat breakfast play snack play lunch nap for the girls snack play dinner bath play bed. As far as cleaning, I do little bits here and there throughout the day, and try to tackle a bigger job when it's nap time, then just before bed we tidy up all the toys.

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Someone on COM was recently nice enough to PM me this website. You HAVE to check it out. It might be just what you need.

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I find it more important to have a routine than a schedule. We do pretty much the same thing in the same order each day, it's the timing that is flexible.

Charlotte is 11 and a half. Every normal day, we get up, have a breastfeed, and have breakfast. Then she plays while I wash up from last night and this morning.

Around 2.5 to 3 hrs after she rises, she has a 1.5 hr nap. This is when I either catch up on lost sleep, or hop on the computer, or do some washing, or whatever. Then we have lunch.

After lunch, we go out or she plays or whatever is on for the day. About 3 hrs after she gets up from her morning nap she has another nap of around 45 minutes to 1 hour. This is usually feet up and cuppa time, whether I'm out or at home.

We then have a 2nd breastfeed, and some afternoon tea. Then more play, or keep doing what we were doing (like sometimes she naps in her pram at the shops in the afternoon)

Around 5.30 I give her her dinner, and then bath, quiet play, 3rd breastfeed and bed around 7.30 to 8.30, depending how late she had her second nap.

Lately she has been sleeping until morning, but she doesn't feed and eat as well if we are out through the day, so then she might have a 4th top-up feed at some time through the night if we've been out that day.

There is no Housewife "type" but there are people who like repetition, and people who don't. I find it is the people who don't like repetition who have trouble with their kids behaviour, because the kids don't feel safe in an unpredictible world. They like to know what is coming, and this makes them feel safe, and happy.

You can always get a cleaning service in once a month or fortnight to do the whole house over, to make time for your Gym or whatever. Or you could go for a big long walk with your son in the pram, that is good excersise too.

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I have been a SAHM for a year now. I have 3 girls: 8, 7 and 15 MO, and am constantly on the go. I don't have much of a routine, but I have to feed everyone and get the older ones on the bus in the morning. Then it's a constant watch the toddler get into everything and destroy the house. Your routine will come, just take it one day at a time and everything will work out.

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I know how you feel.I am 24 and mothe rof an almost 3 yr old.She is super hiperactive and so hard to keep up with.Although I also stay at home that does not mean i have to stay home and cook clean iron all that "housewife" thing.I love to go out and take my daughter to see new places and keep her bussy.Maybe you can go out for a jog and take your child along with you,keep yourslef and him bussy so at the end of the day bby can be tired and have a good night;s sleep.Good lluck!

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