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I have been married to my wonderful husband almost a year now. I have a 7 year old daughter and he has a 10 year old daughter and w are expecting one of our own in September. My 7 year old lives with us year round and her father is not in the picture at all after our divorce. My step daughter lives with her mother and comes to stay with us during the summer and on holidays. I hate to say this but I dread the visits. My daughter is a genuinely happy and care free child. She is always singing and dancing and is very girly. My stepdaughter is complete opposite and makes fun of the way my daughter acts. She tells her to shut up when she sings and is so negative towards her. I know it hurts her feelings to because i can see it in her eyes. My stepdaughter is also very smart mouthed and pops off to me all the time. When she doesnt get her way or gets corrected she pouts and is even more mouthy. Her mother I know is a total *b* word! I try to instill good values and behavior in my daughter and also with my stepdaughter when she is here but it seems hopeless with her. I have been in tears lately because of how much stress I am under. My husband does correct her and discipline her when she acts this way but he is not home all the time. He works very hard and wants her to know right from wrong too. Please any advice would be appreciated. How do I get this child to straighten up and quit being such a sass mouth and to quit being mean to my daughter?


Marcella - posted on 07/04/2014




I hate you are having this problem, I had a similar problem myself. I think you should continue to try what you are doing. It is going to be very hard because the child is living with her mom who probably hates you because you are with the man she still probably wants, and she is probably bad mouthing you to the child, which in return makes the child hates you more. All I can say is keep the faith, and pray, and secretly hope she does not come over any more, don't let your husband know you don't want her over any more because it might cause problems with you and him. I think it is great he gets at her for her behavior, and does not turn on you. It is not like that with some guys, they will get mad at you and say you have a problem with their child. Keep your head up and keep the faith, it will get better.

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