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My daughter is 6 months old and she is what you would call a high need baby. I stay at home with her and I seem to run out of things to do with her. I play with her, I put her in the sling so I can do things around the house, I read to her, I put her in the crib so she can play and I play with her, but I find myself running out of things to do. I don't want her to watch TV until she's older except for when we're watching it she'll glance up at it for a minute. She' won't go to her father very often especially if I'm in the room. I want to do more things with her but I'm running out of ideas. Please help if you can think of anything.


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go for walks

read her books ( or rather, have daddy read to her) find age appropriate books with flaps, and sounds.

Sing songs with hand motions

let her listen to music

Don't be afraid of a little tv - like baby Einstein and other baby videos. They will not harm her a bit.

puppets- you can make them from socks... and communicate with a different voice. Most babies love that

exercise with your baby - there's videos that show you how or just be creative

My one advice is - don't fall into child centered parenting. It's a trap that's hard to get out of and doesn't produce pleasant children. Parenting, even to a baby, needs to be family focused. So even if your baby does fuss, in the beginning, don't let her be in charge of you.


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