sad stay at home mom of 2 boys bad marriage ... need help PLEASE

Maribel - posted on 12/11/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




hi all first just wanted to say how much I love watching my kids grow and how much I hate doing all the job on my own as if I was a single of mother while theres their da in their life ... husband comes home approx. 3=4 oclock the most from work .. comes home naps eat & goes to his friends house to smoke . its became a ugly routine. today I took my frustration out . to him while I put my 5 year old to sleep & read him a bedtime story he stayed in the living room with the responsibility to stay with my young son my 22 month old and u know what he does put the tv on and fals asleep . because he is being a lmae DAD and a lazy one too does not wana bond to me that is the biggest turn off neglecting person ever. my son crys at the door were me and my oldest are at . I got up and told him off . I feel like im multitasking all day trying my best to be supermom/ taking care of his lazy a~ I try being the best wife kissing him all day peeks he laughs and u can tell his annoyed by it . I try to keep peace and not let our marriage down hapy parents make happy kids u know what they say/ . my kids don't deserve this he never plays bond with them . he neglects . and says hes busy tired iam so fed up .... wha can I do ... I just told him ... it will come to him the day I will leave basically .... I told him I have a date were I will be leaving . cuz of his actions. and u know what really hurt was that I actually changed it & was like u don't even know whats coming to u" I was going to do it big for his 30 th bday he is a jehova witness ) and he looked straight at me with tht angry face and said that I better not be something uncomfortable & put him on the spot I think he knew what I was talkig about cuz I mentioned it to him once.. I was just trying ... I feel heart broken .. I accept him all the way but tht hurt cuz I kept thinking of it all day I wanted him to just experience it onc and even then it wasn't going to be on that day it was guna be the next day ... my mom wanted to arrange cake and all.. but I guess this is not what I want for my future. I need to go right... me and the kids...


Only1Chance - posted on 12/13/2013




Hello Maribel, it makes me sad to hear your situation PLEASE WHAT EVER YOU DO, DO NOT LEAVE YOUR HUSBAND. THE WORD OF GOD, JESUS SAYS IN MARK 10:9 SPEAKING ABOUT DIVORCE : What therefore God has joined together, let no man seperate" its so helpful to read starting from the Verse 1.. You sound like a Great mother & you care sooo much about your children. Id like to share some advice, 1st RESPECT your husbands desicion about celebrating his bday (Even though I disagree with his view on not celebrating his bday that is no Sin & it will noT keep him from gng to Heaven, WE ARE SAVED BY GODS GRACE THROUGH FAITH). Even in situations that you don't agree (But that are Biblical). I know it kills you inside to feel like your husband doesnt love your children like he says he does trust me I know what that feels like. Ive been learning so much recently & if you truly want the best for your children (believe it or not BUT GOD LOVES YOUR CHILDREN MORE THAN WE DO, HE CREATED THEM)I suggest you go on YouTube & hear the videos of Tony Evans Becoming a kingdom Wife Part 1-3 & The Wifes Role in the Home. You will see Your role as wife & mother sooo differently through your hardships because God created marriage and we need to view our role biblicaly. I will be praying for you & those in similar situations. May God Bless you and and anyone else who reads this.


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