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What are somethings you do as a SAHM to make life fun. I love staying home with my children but always feel I could be doing more. My husband thinks I do too much now. Does anyone feel the same way?


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Brittany_murtagh - posted on 03/04/2009




I am very lucky in the fact that my husband is very supportive.  My mom was a single mom and had to work my entire childhood and my husband said I would never have to do that and I havent.  About a year ago I got a part time job as a secratary but it is only 3 hrs a day 4 days a week so I get alittle time to myself and still get to spend everyday with my children.  I recently started a WAH business and that has taken off but I still only do it when my hubby is home.  I have the possibility to make enough to bring him home soon so we can both be home with them.  I sometimes just feel that I could be doing more.  I think it is because not many moms actually get to stay home. 

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My husband only complained once about him having a job and me "sitting at home". He had a whole day in which to prove to me that he could do my work with no problems as well as tend to my darling son at the same time. After I came home, he apologized and ever since requires that I try to get out of the house at least once a week to do whatever I want while he watches Ethan.
I personally feel like I never do enough because before my son was born I worked 60 hours a week and contributed a lot (or at least felt that I did)
I sometimes still sneak out of bed to run a load of laundry..occasionally hubby catches me lol

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I found a AWESOME group of moms that introduced me to a AWESOME wellness company!  I was a super busy mom but I needed more adult interaction and something to help me earn a income while being home with my wonderful kids.  I just needed to feel like I was giving to my family financially!  And in the mean time I found WONDERFUL Amazing products that I can tell all my friends about.  I love them so much I found this to be the perfect thing for me.  Gets me out and helps me earn a income!! 

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I am one of those "creative" types, who stays at home and thinks up projects that my poor husband and sons have to construct when they have time! My 7-year-old has a stage in her room, with trapdoor cubbies for game storage, and book storage all the way around the edges. My 3-year-old has a 2-story pink playhouse in her room, and this winter we built a "tree house"/playhouse for the girls, with a tube slide. So if your husband thinks you're not doing enough, Rebekah, tell him it could be worse! You could be thinking up things for him to do - LOL!

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I joined a local mom's group to have more activites for the kids.  They look forward to doing different things each day.  That's really helped a lot.  I also started doing Arbonne so I'd have some time out of the house & some more adult interaction!  I like it because I can fit it into the nooks & crannys of my day.  It makes me feel good to have something of my own to contribute.  Although, I must say being a SAHM is definitely enough work in itself!! 

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Yep, get your "thing." I am an artist so it is squeezing it all in for me. So get something for you and do it. Tkae a class if you are not sure what you like.

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I always feel like I don't contribute because my job pays in kisses not dollars. But that is just because I have one of those husbands who thinks his job is a real job and mine is lazy. Anyway, I try to organize scrapbooking days with other moms and a walking group just to give me someone to talk to that can have a conversation about something that isn't Phineas and Ferb....:D have a great Tuesday.

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