SAHM and I work Full Time nights

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I work full time at night and I am a SAHM during the day. My husband works for an armored vehicle and startes work at 5:00 am. He takes my 21 month old son to Nanny and Pop Pop's house where I pick him up right after I get out of work at 7:00 am. My husband usually doesnt get home before 8:00 pm. I leave for work at 11:00pm. My husband and I both work 5 days a week. I sleep when my son takes naps (maybe 2-3 hours a day). I also do all the grocery shopping, laundry, and clean the house. I also cook almost every day of the week. I am so bogged down I just want somebody to talk to who does through something similar, sombody who can truly relate.


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Beth - posted on 01/30/2013




Tell your husband he is going to have to start supporting you and the child in proper manner and that you need to take a few years off from working. Tell him he is not getting any more sex until this occurs.

Keri - posted on 01/30/2013




Wow! that's a hard schedule for all of you! It's hard to work opposite of your husband (mine and I did it for several years) and still take care of everyone and everything! Would it be possible for Nanny and PopPop to keep your son till 9 or 10am so that you would be able to get a few things done. We all know doing it alone is soooo much faster! Or you could go home and sleep a couple hours. Even if you only did this 2 of the 5 days you work, you would be amazed at how big a difference it will make! I hope that you are able to figure out something and that you and your family can find a happy balance! Hope you have a good day! :)

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