SAHM back in school contemplating 2nd child

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I am a stay at home mom of a 3 almost 4 year old. I have been home with my 3 year old off and on since he was a year an a half. I recently went back to school this past spring and just reapplied for an accelerated nursing program. my husband is preparing to deploy and we are contemplating having a second child. I have raise my 3 yr pretty much by my self since his dad is always working I balance home life and school with taking care of my son and still trying to find a job. since i may be getting into a nursing program soon I really can work because school is going to be very demanding. he currently goes to preschool 3 days a week part time but eventually may have to go full time. my question is, is insane to bring in a second child right now. I don't want the age difference to be too far off or too close, but when is the right time to have a second child? My friends with multiple children and are apart of the military say if my husband is around or not I will always do most of the work. my friends with no children or 1 child say to wait till im in a better place all around but really is there ever a good time to have another baby? If anyone can shed some light I would be grateful.


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Heather - posted on 09/24/2011




I think it depends on how much time you will need to spend on campus. I'm a a pre-dental student and a mommy to a 7 month old and a 2 year old (he just turned 2 a couple weeks ago!). I'm able to take most if my classes online. I'm only on the campus for about 6 hours per week, so I'm only away from my boys for 6 hours. I do my homework on their naps and after they go to bed. On average, I get 4-5 hours of sleep every night. It is insanely hard! I live that they're close together though and I wouldn't change a thing. It's going to be a difficult few years for me to make sure that they have an awesome rest of their life. I just want to warn you that it will be EXTREMELY difficult when you have a newborn waking up every couple hours at night. If you are like mr, you're going to have to sacrifice alot of sleep for studying. Sacrificing more sleep to take care of a newborn also makes it harder to function as a student and as a mom. Is there any way that you could take a semester off when the baby is born? That would be the ideal situation.

Michelle - posted on 09/24/2011




My oldest 2 are 2,5 years apart and the best of friends. It's harder when you add the 2nd one in. If you are already doing a lot I would put off having #2.
I have 6 years between #2 and #3 and it's great. My older ones love their little sister and help out a lot, plus they are more self sufficient (10 & 7.5). My little one still has to fit around the other kids with school and naps etc but she copes well.

Tisha - posted on 09/23/2011




There's never a good time. I have two kids and there 2 years apart and I thought we were ready for a second child , But We weren't. If u want a second child dont wait to long to have one cause u dont want the age's to far apart. I also have a baby brother, He is the same age as my son. I'm 20 years older then my brother. Trust me its not fun cause he like my kid to I have him all the time. I'm a single mom now and its hard

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