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I'm a mom of three boys, 8, 3 and 3. I worked full-time until I had the twins and have not worked since. I have volunteered a lot serving on the PTO board at school, my twins club board as President for two years and 1st VP before that, and I am extremely active in Relay For Life because my husband had cancer. I feel like the longer I am out of work, the less I have to talk about with anyone outside my house, even though I'm involved in stuff. I feel like the topics I can have an intelligent conversation on are: twins, VSD, cancer, boys, scrapbooking, school and Disney. I do read a lot (in spurts when I have time) but really don't have any girlfriends who have time to read to discuss anything. When the kids are home it is too noisy to watch CNN to find out what is going on in the world.

My oldest is in school all day and my twins are in preschool every morning for a half day. I feel like I need to start exploring new things so I can meet new people and have new interests and people to discuss them with. But I have no idea where to start. I do think it is time I started having a little more of a life outside this house though with new experiences. I think I'll be a hapier and better mom for it.

Am I the only SAHM who feels like this?


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You are NOT alone. I started my own business. I love what I am doing and now bring home enough money to cover my teaching salary! If you would like more info on what I am doing....let me know! It is very easy, You do not sell anything, deliver anything..... You can email me at or check out my website I can give you all the details and help you along the way. Oh yea and the best part...NO MONEY DOWN!!

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You know, a lot of my friends live not so far away, but with Chicago traffic it takes forever to get to each other and we are all so busy with kids, I may have to just go to the local scrapbook store alone and take a class or something.  It is so hard for my really good girlfriends and I to get together even once or twice a year it seems.  Crazy!

Thanks for all the advice ladies!  I'll have to start looking into other things and go alone. But hey, maybe I'll make some new friends.  :)

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I recently discovered that my local sewing shops hold regular classes and put out monthly calendars so that you can plan ahead. I have started quilting and some friends and I get together once a week and work on our sewing projects together and then eat lunch.

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You mentioned you like scrapbooking, almost every store that sells supplies also run classes. You could go to a class every week. Then you could talk to other people while you scrapbook. Its time out for yourself with a new group of people.

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What about checking out the local library to see if they have any discussion groups?

I also had one friend who decided that she would read the paper from front to back, every section so that she would be well informed. She felt that way she could talk about something, intelligently, other than her adorable babies.

Michelle - posted on 03/10/2009




I am with you as well...  I have been a SAHM for 2 years and before that was working part-time for 3. 

My hubby knows that I need outside time and so when a friend calls to ask me to go out he is shoving me out the door.  I am slowly trying to find something for me to do outside of our home. 


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i hear ya! i keep telling my hubby that i want to get out and at least maybe volunteer once a week or something...but he keeps insisting he has to work long hours 7 days a week so there is no hope for me, i offered to help out with the income by working but he won't have it...i'm the mom and the kids will not go in daycare...end of story!

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You are not alone, as for finding something adult to do, have you considered taking a class at a votech something you might have interest in, just to have a new group of ppl to talk to about something you all have in common. Just a suggestion. have a great day. :D

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