SAHM having issues with Kindy

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Anyone else from being at home with the child having issues about dropping them at Kindy. I don't want to leave him to cry as I am all for AP. Anyone else having the same issue?


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This is tough and pulls hard on the heart strings. You need to learn EFT (emotional freedom techniques). When I used to do this on young children, I called it the tapping game and I used to say the words and do the tapping for my children. Search for "EMOFree" on Google. There are all kinds of videos you can watch to explain the technique.

Prescription for Separation Anxiety

Set up phrase (3X) while tapping on side of his hand (karate chop point):
Even though (insert name) is very afraid to be at kindy without mommy, he knows she loves him and he will be fine.

Reminder phrases: very scared, misses mommy, etc. (say these phrases repeatedly while tapping on the other tapping points on his face and upper body) When you search for this online, you should be able to find a chart with the tapping points.

If you do this right and make it fun, he will likely just think he is being tickled. It's important that you be a little silly while you do this, make it a game and make sure you do it the night before. Do it several days in a row at night until he is comfortable with it. Eventually, you can do it in the morning before school and even at the school just before you drop him off.

In our family, we use this technique for every issue imaginable and it is so powerful.

Good luck!

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