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Emily - posted on 08/15/2011 ( 4 moms have responded )




My husband does not make much but after our son was born in February money got tighter after all the bills are paid and all the necessities bought we have nothing left. he is so frustrated about not having any money and im Stay at home mom in college for nursing ive been on many interviews to try and help with money but no luck on finding a job. it would cost to much for daycare. he says i don't need a job that he has it taken care of i feel like he resent me every time he gives me money to go to the store and buy the things we need am i just feeling guilty or what? i need advice :(


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Julie - posted on 08/16/2011




You're feeling guilty but you shouldn't. Especially if your husband is on the same page as you and it sounds like his pretty supportive. That is great! All you can do is do your job (being at home) to the best of your ability. Clip coupons, shop weekly ads, cut ANY expense that isn't necassary. We lived without cable for years! Shop at second hand stores or even garage sales. Have you thought about asking around for some baby sitting jobs just for a little extra spending money? Keep your chin up, it will get better :) Even if your not financially contributing you ARE doing a very important job with that handsome son!

Michelle - posted on 08/16/2011




If daycare etc costs too much then seriously you are doing what you can to save money for your family. If you haven't tried using coupons, getting some of the kids and your clothes at consignment/ thrift stores, and going to a prepaid cell phone plan those might be some things to cut a few other corners. Don't feel guilty. You're doing what you can to help too.

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I agree with Emma. I'm fighting the guilt right now too. My husband and I havent been out to eat in almost a yr(minus our anniv. and only then because he got a giftcard from work that paid the whole bill as a incentive for something). I'm freaking out about buying pants, socks and shoes for winter this yr. We have 3 kids and there is no way for daycare for all 3. My husband helps me figure out how to pay the bills every payday, so he knows its not being wasted for one, but for two I want him to help me with the stress of it. Hopefully with gas prices dropping right now it will help us have a little bit of money left over. With where he works thats one of our biggest problems is gas, and the stupid energy company! I so wish we could have solar panels to use!

Stifler's - posted on 08/16/2011




you're just feeling guilty. if it's going to cost more to pay daycare and go to work then there's your answer. i feel like this all the time but at this point in time there's really no point me going to work. he probably doesnt resent you. sometimes i feel like my husband is all.. where does our money go but if he had to get online and pay the bills and rent and budget for groceries and stuff we'd have the same amount left over.

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