SAHM needs help with my daily schedule, can anyone help me?????

Jennifer - posted on 03/06/2012 ( 8 moms have responded )




Does anyone have a daily routine that you stick to? I am trying to stay on a schedule to ensure that i get things done as well as my own free time to engage in my hobbies. I have always had a hard time sticking to a schedule i have made for myself. I find it hard to follow through with it each day. I even took the time to write a daily schedule but i have not followed it after the first day. It includes (very important to me) yoga each morning & other important things i like to do as well as different household tasks. Caring for my 1 year old is a MUST DO so with that i have no problems with. Can anyone give me any suggestions on how to keep myself committed to my own schedule?

I know that i will feel so much better about myself and be alot less stressed out if i can just follow through with it!!!!!! I always end up saying i will do that tomorrow and it never gets done! Can anyone relate and or give me a suggestions?


Chrystal - posted on 03/06/2012




I for years have made schedule after schedule and I'd follow it for a few day and sometimes I'd never get past the creating the schedule so I get the not being able to stick to it thing. What finally worked for me was taking tiny baby steps I wrote a morning, afternoon, evening routine (3-5 things that had to be done but not exactly when just like sometime in the morning I wanted to step outside to take a minute with my faith). Day one I did 1 of those things I wanted to do in a day then every other day after that I added one new thing till eventually I was doing all the things I wanted to. I had days where I skipped everything but I stayed motivated by keeping a post it on my bathroom mirror that said "if you do better you feel better" that worked for me. I kept adding to my day one behavior at time and am at the point where I automatically begin doing a certain thing at a certain time without having to think about it or look at schedules. They say it takes something like 30 days to create a habit so it's really all about finding that something that will motivate you till it becomes automatic. Good luck

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Oh, and don't forget to put those things that you WANT to do on your list, like your Yoga. So you may not be able (or motivated) to do it first thing in the morning, put it on the list and if the motivation hits at lunchtime, do it then.

Having a written helps to avoid those moments of wondering what you should be doing. So you were on the right track, you just need a little motivation :)

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I had a lot of trouble sticking to a schedule when J was little too. Here are some things that helped me--they may not all work for you, but you can pick and choose :)

Instead of a "schedule" I made a "list". One of my downfalls was that if I fell behind at some point, I just gave up for the day. Soon enough, I realized that it didn't matter WHEN stuff got done, as long as it was done as needed. So I take 5 minutes in the morning to make my list, then I scratch off tasks as I complete them...

That brings me to scratching off tasks...I seriously get a little buzz when I get to scratch something off :P It lets me know I've accomplished something (takes away that "running in circles" feeling) and gives me motivation for the next task.

Use a timer to make daunting tasks manageable. I would put off, say cleaning the bedroom, because it just looked like a BIG project that was going to take a ton of time. I would go in, do one or two little things then give up and leave. So I set a kitchen timer for 15 minutes. I knew I could spare 15 minutes, that's no time at all, but you can get a surprising amount done in that time! My rule was, stay in the room and clean until the timer dings. Once it dings, that room is finished for the day. That way I didn't go around re-cleaning certain rooms, and they actually got finished. In 15 minutes, I even have time to vacuum, and sometimes do the windows! If you don't finish everything, don't worry about it, just do it again tomorrow--it will not get all the way back dirty in one day, so you'll make more progress.

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If you dont stick to your own schedule then there is no point making one. Sooner or later you will have to fall into line and stick to a schedule when your child starts play group and finally school.

My advice is sit down and write on a peice of paper what is important to you, and what you want to achieve in a day then work the other things around that. Your child probably sleeps all night by now and wakes at the same time each day and eats at the same time each day. If you can not fit your yoga before or after bedtime then get up earlier.

At this age you have flexability, at school age you do not and you will have to be better organised.


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Jennifer - posted on 03/06/2012




To Kelly:

Thank you so much. You gave me some really good ideas and a whole lot of motivation as well!!! I will be trying your ideas and suggestions tomorrow and im actually looking forward to a different approach. The

thing is that i put my son and his needs before myself

and house chores when i know its not impossible to

find a way to balance them all within each day. Im

not saying i do nothing, i get the basic laundry/dishes/

wiping down/vaccuming part of my day done, i just dont

do all i set out to do in a day and it gets me down sometimes. My yoga is important to me to feel healthy, i like to sell on ebay for income and i also sell avon but dont put time in to get more customers. I am determined

to somehow accomplish my daily goals. Thank you again

for taking the time to help me with this! Many blessings

your way =-)

Stifler's - posted on 03/06/2012




Not really it's pretty flex. Everyday I do the dishwasher first thing, load the washing machine and mondays vacuum the whole house and clean the bathroom and kitchen then mop at nap time, tuesdays clean the kids rooms and change beds, wednesdays change our bed and do windows and vacuum, thursdays scrub the bin, fridays... nothing maybe vacuum thef loors and mop again. Thursdays I pay bills, tuesday is playgroup and I try to organise some outings to the park and things any day in the afternoon.

Jennifer - posted on 03/06/2012




To Louise:

I made the shedule in a an "attempt" to be more organized and

thought if i had it written down in my view it would be much easier to stick with it. I am being honest about my problem and reaching out for helpful suggestions to overcome this issue. I do NOT need to be told there is no point in trying and that i need to be more organized. This is the whole point of my post. I know that i need more organization and my question was,

"can anyone give me a better or different way to go about it?"

I think your comment was rude,discouraging and NOT helpful

at all. If a person was depressed, would you tell them well then theres no point in getting out of bed each day???? Please refrain from your opinions if they are judgemental and not


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