SAHM of 3...11, 9 and 1 month!! So blessed! :)

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I am a SAHM of an 11 year old boy, 9 year old girl and 1 month old little man; going to school to be an English professor and dedicated to my Avon career!

My 11 year old loves to draw and is currently writing a book! (Can't wait to have it published for him!! Although I'm not real sure on how to go about getting that done!)

My 9 year old thinks she is 25 and is driving me C-R-A-Z-Y!! LOL!! Love her to pieces..the little mini me diva!! ♥

My 1 month old wants way more milk than I can produce :( so we've started supplementing with formula this week. He seems to be happier, but I am sad I couldn't provide enough for him.

Took nearly a month off from my Avon business to have our little baby and devote all of my time to starting our new little family. Starting back this weekend and I simply can't wait!

Took the last 2 semester's off of school to focus on my pregnancy and new baby coming. I plan on going back next semester full time.

So...any suggestions on how to juggle it all? lol...sigh.


Tamara - posted on 11/18/2011




as far as your milk supply drink Mothers Milk and/or eat oatmeal both will increase supply.

How to juggle it all take it one day at a time, get rid of super high expectations set ones that you will beable to reach,

set reach able goals for the day and week focus on that first,

don't be afraid to ask for help any time you need it You are NOT super woman/mom we all need help, you will actually appear stronger when you can ask for and accept help if its for a short break to get away for a few for yourself for your business or for your school work.

Give the older two chores, this teaches them responsibility that a family needs to work together, also gives you one less thing to do.

Have Hubby help with middle of the night stuff, wake up change the babies diaper then hand you the baby to nurse, or give a bottle, no need for you to be the only one loosing sleep.

as far as having your sons book published you can do it ebook first with amazon or barnes and noble first then go from there. Since most people do those now days anyways.

You CAN do this, and It will get easier when your getting more rest it sounds like you got great kids just remember to take time for you to be a woman, not a business owner, student or mom just you it helps keep the other yous happy and run smoother.


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