SAHM with no friends in my area :(

Meagan - posted on 05/02/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




I feel lyke such a loner because I have no friends in my area. I've lived in Coatesville, PA for almost two years but I still have yet to make any friends. I don't know of anyone here that is my age or has a kid that is around my son's age. I go outside and take walks around my building with my son but I hardly see anyone, and when I do they're twice my age or don't have kids. I used to be such a social butterfly and now I feel lyke a social outcast.


Bethany - posted on 05/02/2010




Hi, don't feel bad, when you become a Mum, alot of things change.

Is there a library in your area? and a church? and a shopping centre? and a public health clinic with a child facility? This is where I have met some people, some are now friends, some not, but that's ok, you're not going to click with everyone.

If you go to the library, and see if they have story telling, or mine has Baby Rhyme Time, where we sing nursery rhymes and chat (for under twos) If not, put your hand up and offer to organise one.

The shopping mall or centre will have people with all kinds of kids. Don't look at a person's age to see if you'll be friends, those days are long over. Look at if they're friendly, and also just looking for someone to have a coffee or a chat with, that's more important. If they're sitting by them selves, sit with them and just say hi, I don't know too many people here yet, and they might be friendly.

Alot of churches have kids and mothers groups, regardless of religion, through the week, check them out.

We have to be the ones who approach others, Most people are a bit shy when it comes to talking to perfect strangers, but give it a go, and just ask alot of questions about them and their kids or pets or whatever, and don't talk about your self or your troubles for a while. People love to talk about themselves, and don't get much chance usually, so they'll like the opportunity.

You could put a sign up at your local health clinic calling for mums of young kids to meet at a public place and BYO snacks and drinks, like a park. If no one comes, at least you have had a nice picnic, and you never know, you might get some company.


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Susan - posted on 05/03/2010




do you have health visitor who could refer you to a surestart center or toddler group or church group my kids loved them and saved my sanity try google earth generaly pretty good at giving info on local amenties.

Jessica - posted on 05/03/2010




Do you have a park in your area? that's where I go to meat moms and gain friends. also get Involved with your community. Best of luck!

Faith - posted on 05/03/2010




Hi, I've found has great playgroups and the such. If there isnt one in your area definetly look into starting your own. The gal that started the group I joined was looking for some playmates for her daughter...since then her playgroup as grown to over 50 families!!! They do story time at the library, family and or mommy only walks, ladies night and guys nights, craft dates and so on...its been great.
Same here with the social butterfly thing, now its all about the kids, lol!
Best of luck!

Meagan - posted on 05/02/2010




thanx so much those sounds lyke great ideas I'll have to look into all that & see if I can find something around here that's close by. I'm pretty sure there is a library not too far from here I'll have to swing by there one day. putting signs up sounds lyke a really good idea thanx again :)

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