scared to deathhh

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There's this girl who has always had it out for the guys that i've dated...well now i'm married and have a baby, and before me and my husband were married we were together for 2 years broke up...the girl went after him they dated and slept together, and then we got back together and now we're of course married. My husband is in nursing school...and coincidently the girl is now accepted into nursing as well, and i'm scared!! I don't know what to do...i'm going to be scared every day he goes to school next semester not because i think he'll cheat it's just i don't trust her, i feel she is gonna pull one of her little stunts, Please someone give me some advice. Thank you.


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i was some what in your shoes. my boyfriend at the time, my husband now, broke up with me slept with a gal and then he tried to tell me that they are just friends now. that cant be. i just told him what i felt and i told him i dont trust them together. for me, the more honest i was the better he understood. but of course not every realtionship is the same nor every man. you cant stop her. only he can. you have to trust him that he will do the right thing. and if he truly loves you and isnt the cheatin type then he will. you just have to tell him that all your trust is in him. you will get thru it and it will be hard.

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