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Erin - posted on 04/22/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




A good friend of mine is a stay at home mom with a 10 month old. The baby has really bad separation anxiety whenever she is left with her father even for 10 mins. She would appreciate any advice on how to get the baby more comfortable with the father so that she can have a little more free time. Thanks ladies for the advice. Hope everyone is having a great day :)


Felecia - posted on 04/22/2010




Very slowly, My daughter is the same way still at 17 months just not as bad any more.. I started out leaving walking around the block coming back short times so that way she got the hint I am coming back and than after awhile when she didnt cry as much when I left I began longer trips like to the store, doctors, and so on..

But yet like I said she still has her days when she crys for awhile after I leave her.. One time I had no choice but to leave to go to the doctors and she fell asleep by the door crying :(

Its a slow process could also try having him put her down for naps and bed time maybe feeding her, just to show daddy is just as trust worthy to be able to care for her needs as mommy, plus gives mommy a break!! :)

Best of luck to her

God bless ox

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