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I thought we were all on here to give eachother advice? Whether that advice is taken and used or completely ignored, that is what this website is for. I recently gave a mom advice on what may help her baby to sleep through the night. My suggestion was to give the baby a bottle of formula before bed instead of breastfeeding before bed. (NOT to give up breastfeeding all together!) Formula is more filling, and may help with sleeping through the night longer. Another mom, deliberatly singled me out using my name in her answer and giving me hell for me apparently telling this other mom to quit breastfeeding (NOT what I said) She told me to do research to see that breast milk is better than formula ( I know that)
I just thought it was rude of her to single me out, and then tell me that I was wrong! ITS A SUGGESTION for a reason, take it or leave it is all up to the mom asking for advice. Am I wrong for being upset over this?!


Nicole - posted on 05/31/2010




I've said it once and say it again, I do believe that everyone has the right to an opinion but there is a proper way of giving it. You can be supportive, have your own ideas, and get them across without being rude and demeaning a person! People on here have real issues and a huge load to carry, it would be nice to have people be friendly about things, if you don't understand it is better to ask people to clarify. I know personally I get enough drama from my in-laws so if I post on here it is because I am sick of judgement and need truthful and respectful advice with out being told that i am stupid or even a bad parent.


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Rebecca - posted on 05/31/2010




Karalyn,thats terrible that someone who take what you said out of context & single you out. Please understand that some people have issues and take them out on others. As a mom who formula fed both my kids' , I love your suggestion and second it. Like you said it was just a suggestion for one to take it or leave it.Don't let the negative people affect you, please share all your wonderful suggestions and 'US' self thinking moms will listen and act accordingly.

Medic - posted on 05/31/2010




Don't stress I had a guy single me out on a post were I was obviously just pointing out many other things people could be scared of and post how I was retarded and probably one of those moms who didn't get my kids shots or let them out of my sight....which I felt was neither here nor there to my post. There will always be people that just single out one or two words on your post and attack you for it. In the end it makes them look like morons.

Sarah - posted on 05/31/2010




If people don't want advice on here then they should stop posting and asking for advice. Everyones opinions matter whether they are wrong or right to a specific mother. Everyone parents differently. There is nothing wrong with not breast feeding your child at all. There may have been studies on hw breast milk is better for the child but then explain why they still need to take vitamin D supplements while breast feeding. It was totally wrong to be singled out and I don't care what you said. You could have told that mother to give her baby tylenal before bed to make it sleep through the night. No ones opinions are wrong no matter what they are. They are all there for a suggestion for the parent to try or not to try, that is there choice. So before somone gets all up in someones opinion maybe they should read the response properly and defenitly not be singleing you out. VERY VERY RUDE! Don't let it bother you too much and if she posts again just don't answer her back. Although fighting with people over stupid things is fun.

Good Luck SIS

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