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ok im at a loss right now! i have no idea what to do! my son is 6 months old and he wakes up about 10 times a night! he only takes like one nap a day and it only last about an hour! i have no idea what to do anymore everyone keeps telling me i need to get him to sleep more during the day but he is so active that i cant make him sleep! my doc says he is just an overly active baby and that there isnt really anything i can do but wait it out! but i feel that if i keep waiting it out ima lose my mind from not sleeping!!! now my husband is stressed all the time because he never sleeps! PLEASE HELP!!!

ok so after reading some of these i thought i would update this just a little. he has been doing this since he was about a month old. when he was a newborn he would sleep very well! but once he hit a month old he has just not wanted to sleep. as i mentioned before in one of my replies i have OCD pretty bad so everything is on a schedule but it doesnt seem to affect him or i should say it doesnt seem to help. my parents said i was like this as a child and i still do it now. he does sleep in our room but he will not sleep at all in his own room. he also never really shows any signs of being tired. hope the update helps with ur replies!


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My son had severe insomnia as an infant, then it started to wain around the time he turned 4, he is 5 now and sleeps almost as much as other kids his age.

Is he growing properly? Babies emit the growing hormones mostly when they sleep, so severe insomnia will stunt the growth. My son was born in the 25th percentiles, but by 6 months he was in the 8th percentile and is now in the 2nd & 3rd percentiles for height and weight, respectively.

Start a sleep log if you are concerned that he may not be sleeping enough. Break the day into 15 minute increments from midnight to midnight, and write and A for "awake" or an S for "sleeping" beside each time. Yes, you have to check on him every 15 minutes for a week (or two) but it's worth it--you will see exactly how much he is sleeping, and you will start to see his sleep patterns. (plus it gives you something concrete to show your ped)

Sleep is VERY important for him, so If you see that he is getting less than 70% of the sleep time recommended for his age, you can take him to a pediatric sleep specialist. (They're expensive, but SOOOOO worth it!!!!! some insurance will cover part of the cost if you have insurance)

Our son was getting about 50% of what he needed and it was very spread out--he never slept for more than 2 hours at a time until he was 3 years.

One thing that works well for active babies is to put them down 1-2 hours before you need them to sleep. It takes both me and my son about 1 1/2 hours to fall asleep. Also, the more exhausted he is when trying to sleep the more difficult it is for him to sleep. So try engaging him in soothing exercises during the hours before bedtime/naptime and more active ones right as he wakes up, and laying him down more often.

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Have you tried when he wakes not going to get him? My daughter has from day one been an amazing sleeper, but she would occassionally wake in the middle of the night make some noise and put herself back to sleep. Maybe he would go back to sleep if you left him. At 6 months he could have a couple soft toys in his bed to play with when he wakes then can put himself back to sleep.

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okay, I bought this book called baby-wise...It is AMAZING!!!!! it helps to form a schedule adn allows for some crying-it-out in a gentle timely way. 1 minute per pound before you go in and soothe them. My 6 month old has been on this since 2 weeks old and has been sleeping 10 hrs at night and taking 3-hour and a half naps most days. I didn't get lucky with a great baby, you make them more secure by giving them the predictability of a schedule. The baby-wise book also tells you how to adjust the sleep/wake schedule as the child grows...My little man wakes up at 8am and from his naps singing and gurgling, sometimes even laughing bc he is so secure in how the day is going to go. I highly recommend this book, even for an older child.

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i think my daughter is an insomniac...her dad is. she will stay up until 5am and fall asleep and wake up at 10am...then run around all day and do it again...some babies just dont like sleeping. if he sleeps more during the day hes gonna be up later at night...u need to keep him active all day get him hyper and around bed time he should be so tuckered out he will fall right to sleep. also if u stay up your baby is going to learn that it is okay to stay up late. once your baby gets a lil bigger it will get easier :) good luck

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Hi, my middle child was like this from about 4 months no sleep in the day just cat naps and then would wake every 2 hours at night just to play . We bought a disco ball with lights that spun round . She loved it and would just lay there and watch . The one thing we tried to avoid was sound so she would understand that she only got that in the day . The bad news is that she stayed like this till about 2 years of age . Good luck


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Our 10 month old daughter was doing something very similar, the doctor told us that we had to just leave her in her crib and let her cry it out . He said to go in every 20 minutes and talk to her and rub her back, and tuck her back in but don't pick her up and don't stay in the room very long. You might need to move him to his own room, that might help, then you can go in and comfort him and then go back to your own room for 20 minutes. This actually helped our daughter, who is VERY active, she has been sleeping through the night 8:30 pm to 7:00 am for a few months now. Also the person who talked about the Baby Wise book is right, routine is huge! We used that book with our first daughter, and she was the BEST baby, so happy all of the time! We haven't used it as much with the second one, and boy do I wish I would have started doing the things it says to do, from day one! But it's never to late to start doing the things they suggest in the book.

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keep him busy...he may be little but he can still remain busy..many walks,lots of outdoor stuff,swimming..let him play on the floor...don't push the day napping....put him in his swing and let him be can lay him in his crib with toys soemthing to keep his mind occupied.....

If he is not screaming at night then leave him..each time leave him for longer periods..if he is not waking for eating,diaper,teething or uncomfortable then just let him be.....Play some music for him!!

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My 14 month old daughter has done the same thing since about 5 months. She hates sleep unless she is just fall over tired. She still wakes up sometimes 4 times a night. She is very active & only naps for about 30 minutes during the day. I feel ya!!! Kills me sometimes! LOL! My husband & I take turns napping on the weekends to try to fill in. But it catches up with you quickly! The only thing I can say is different is that at 6 months we started putting our daughter in her crib to sleep. She falls asleep on her own (we did the super nanny thing & let her cry it out for about a week) but she still wakes up & wants me to put her back to sleep. Her doctor said some babies require less sleep than others & the fact that she's so active means that she is going to be busy until she is through the first few years of very active growth periods. Jeesh. I hope it slows down soon though! :) Hope you get some rest! And if you find a cure for our non-sleeping babies...please post it!!!! LOL!

I also want to add that we have been on the same routine for about 7 months now, so some babies just don't sleep. I think schedules do help in many aspects of babies life, but sometimes their sleep timers just don't mesh with our plans.

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i agredd with most the other girls it is a good idea to leave him BUT if he gets to worked up or stressed about you not comming it will be really hard for him to get back to sleep, so i would just leave him untill you feel he is getting to worked up go in lay him back down tell him it is still sleep time and once he is calm leave the room again so he wont be frightened of you never coming but also wont et so worked up where he cant get back to sleep it may take a while but it will work.

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My son Flynn is a very very early riser and i used to just let him be he would sit and play with his toes in his cot quite happily until 6am when i get up if he;s not screaming just let him do his thing as long as there is know way he can get hurt. if he is fussy lay next to his cot and go to sleep i found sometimes they just want to know you are there.

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This is all really good advice when my son was a baby he would cry and cry and cry till he would throw up there was nothing we could do, and all he wanted was to just get up and play. He never wanted to sleep but he was such a good happy baby, when I would feed him he was always trying to look around. Now being a mother of 4 I realize its routine, they really need it. It might take awhile to get in the habit of it but when you do is it ever nice the silence...

You should try a nap in the morning then after lunch. After dinner do a bath then bed. In our house we say Dinner, Bath, Bed!

All my kids seem to give up there naps between 1-2 they sleep alright during the night but are early risers up @ 5 or 6am everyday and it doesn't matter if we keep them up late their just extra cranky the next day ;p My youngest is the best one she's 3 months and sleeping through the night. Being the 4th one I learned what not to do.

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Is he teething? That just mucks everything up. You don't say if this is new or has always been going on. If he's okay at night, just leave him be. Is he in your room? You and your husband could potentially be waking him up. If he is, you could try moving him to his own room and see how that goes. If he isn't in your room, turn the monitor down so that he's got to be really crying to get your attention. I know, sounds mean, but YOU need sleep too.

The other moms made good points. He absolutely needs a bedtime routine and at least one Nap/Quiet time during the day. He doesn't have to sleep then, but down time is pretty important to all of us. Good luck.

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Wow that's rough. My son was a terrible sleeper intil he was 6-7 months old. He'd wake at least 4 times a night and would never sleep more than a half hour at a time during the day, so he was constantly over-tired and cranky. We never did CIO and neither of us could stand listening to him cry; plus its not like we could sleep if he was crying anyway. Around 6-7 months though he started regulating himself more. Nothing we did caused this to happen- I really think that organized sleep is a milestone that babies reach at different times. He suddenly started taking longer naps during the day, and started sleeping longer stretches at night. By 7-8 months he was taking two 1-2 hour naps a day, and waking up 1-2 times a night. At 9 months he FINALLY started sleeping through the night, 12 hours. That was a month ago. Its amazing to get a full nights sleep again, and amazing when I think back to how many issues he used to have.

One thing I would suggest is try to get a good routine down, if you haven't yet. Pick times during the day for "nap time", when he seems sleepiest. Put him down for a nap, however that works for you (I rock my son for a while) and then leave him there for an hour. I'm not really a fan of CIO but I do think it helps some babies in some instances. So unless he's really upset, leave him. And be consistent, so it helps him to know what to expect. Create some kind of bedtime ritual, something that helps set night-time sleep apart from daytime naps. I started that with my son around 6 months- we just do a bath, then nursing (or now, a bottle) and then I rock him to sleep.

Also a really good book about infants and sleep- Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child. Even if you don't agree with the CIO approaches the author reccomends, it has lots of valuable info on sleep.

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I would say atleast for at night if he's waking up and you know he isn't hurt or sick just let him cry. Don't go in there cause he will just keep doing it if he knows you'll go in to him when he cries. He'll eventuallly fall back to sleep and soon he should start sleeping through the night. I hope the best for you and hope that works.

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he is growing at a massive rate actually. is in the 99th % for his age so there is no problem there. i have ocd so i know exactly how much he sleeps during the day he sleeps 2-3 hours a day and wakes ever 2 hours. he is wide awake at 6. the ped said there isnt anything i could do. should i get a new one?

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my suggestion is if hes not screaming then just leave him and when he realizes you arent coming to get him he will stop. i had the same problem trying to get my 3mnth old to fall asleep on his own and eventually he would stop crying and fall asleep. another suggestion is to try laying him a different way my son use to wake up almost every hr when he was laid on his back and now i lay him on his side and he only wakes up when hes hungry maybe every3-4hrs... Hope these suggestions help.

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i do leave him most of the time because he doesnt want anything but he doesnt go back to sleep for awhile and i cant sleep if he is awake. he throws his animals away from him so i dont put them in there anymore.

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