Severe Eczeama Any Advice?

Jenelle - posted on 04/19/2010 ( 6 moms have responded )




My friend has a son who has ectodermal dysplacia and suffers from severe eczema, what are different things you mom's have used for eczema that has helped and doesn't sting, burn, and stops the itching and scratching.


Elizabeth - posted on 04/20/2010




we took our 18 month old son to the pediatrician for eczema recently. We were told to use non-perfume products (laundry soap, bath products) and when in between flare ups to use a good hydrating lotion like cetaphil or aveeno. During an episode we are to use hydrocortizone ointment (not the cream) and cover with aquaphor to make sure does not dry out. Seems to be working quite well.

Loni - posted on 04/20/2010




I use for my son Petroleum Jelly and mix it with Hydrocortisone. It stops everything and it heals fast to. and it last all day long if you bath before putting it on.

Shanta - posted on 04/19/2010




You have to be VERY aggressive with keeping lotion or some type of oil on his skin. Try Aquaphor and Aveeno soothing relief moisture cream. EVERY diaper change or when you think about it just put it on babys skin. It will help. My soon has it very bad and I went to the doctor and dermatologist and they gave my all these creams, but they really didn't work. Also don't bathe baby everyday it will take away from moisture from skin. If you can't put lotion on baby all the time, just make sure you do it at night so it can work in the skin.

Kristin - posted on 04/19/2010




Try to go fragrance free, skin sensitive as much as possible. Avoid unnecessary chemicals and extreme temperatures whenever possible. Talk to a dermatologist and/or an allergist if possible. Poor kid may need Rx meds for flare ups.


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Jessica - posted on 04/19/2010




My daughter was born with eczema. It's really bad on her ankles. she is 10 months old and has made them bleed on more than one occasion! We got the doctor to write a Rx for Elocon. It worked great and healed it up, until i stopped putting it on there. We also use aquaphor which helps in conjunction with the elocon. As long as we keep it up, it keeps her eczema at bay. She recently rubbed her foot so raw it started to get infected. The dr wrote a Rx for Mupirocin. It's like an amped up version of Neosporin. It works great! I would definitely have her talk to her doctor about getting some help! good luck!

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