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Amy - posted on 02/18/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




I stay at home with my son and it seems that everytime I do take him out to play with other kids he ALWAYS gets sick afterwards. I try to clean his hands as much as possible when we are out. I'm sure this is normal but - I feel so torn- I want him to have fun and learn how to play with other kids but I feel horrible when he gets sick. Anyone have any magical answer for how to keep him healthy?


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Michelle - posted on 02/18/2010




getting a good nights sleep, eating a well balanced diet, and washing hands is about the best we can do as parents.

Heather - posted on 02/18/2010




There really isn't a magical answer...believe me I know bc my daughter has an immune disease and keeping her healthy is an everyday battle. Teach your son how to "properly" sneeze or cough into the bend of his elbow. Then after he does that or blows his nose to wash his hands with either hot, soapy water or GermX. I carry a small bottle with me. Teach him that if a child plays with something and has wiped their nose, sneezed or coughed on the toy that he clean the toy off before he begins to play with it. It sounds like a person is paranoid when you hear stuff like this, but really you are looking out for your child. Above all else, remember that your child is just that, a child, and they are going to catch things. It doesn't matter how much you protect them, they are kids and will get sick. Your child getting sick occasionally isn't really a bad thing as it helps their immune system be able to grow stronger to fight things off. Something we do to help boost our daughter's immune system is she is on a multivitamin and then we eat an all Organic/Whole Foods diet. Also, try cutting down the amount of suger your child eats...that is a huge help!

Hope this info helps you. Due to our daughter's many health needs I do a lot of research with the purpose of being educated and being able to equip other parents to be educated.

Theresa - posted on 02/18/2010




The more he's exposed to other germs the more he will build up immunities. As long as it's just colds and such it's not that big of deal. Unfortunately there's not much avoiding germs when your a kid. They tend to share them better than anything else. :)

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