she does not like her daddy

Shandy - posted on 08/27/2009 ( 8 moms have responded )




I have a 2yr old and she will NOT let her daddy do anything with her most of the time. If her gets on to her for anything she crys for me and tells him she does not want him, and to go away. She even went as far to tell him she does not love him, now I know he has never done anything to hurt her, but I'm a stay at home mom and he works 40 +. He takes any time he can to play with her but as soon as he gets on to her shes done. She never does that to me, please help its killing him and me. Thanks


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Lyndsey - posted on 08/31/2009




since I have been at home w/ my 4yr. old, she has been doing the same thing. now my husband does special things w/ her when he gets home and on the weekends(taking her on errands, playing outside, or even just running around the house)

Jane - posted on 08/31/2009




2 is when they can communicate better, are being independent, strong-willed and VERY clingy to mom. my 2 yr old has no use for my husband other than getting what she wants, no cuddles anymore, she kicks him out of her room at night time now. her only use for him is when i say no to something, then she goes to him to get what she wanted to get out of a time-out or to transport her to the park or her grandparents house. you could try encouraging her by reminding her that "you need to listen to daddy, too, not just mom." let him take the lead and echo whatever he's saying to her and if she comes to you, direct her back to him. go shopping on the weekends, get your nails done and leave them together at home. once you're out of sight, it will be easier for them to reconnect.

Sarah - posted on 08/29/2009




Kids are so smart. It's really important that she sees how much you love to spend time with your husband and that you respect him and will back him up on a decision he makes. Try playing together as a family for awhile instead of just him and her and let her see how much fun he is and that you enjoy it. I know it's hard because when he gets home you just want some space to get things done or a free quiet moment but it shouldn't take too long before she understands that he is fun to be with and that the two of you are a united front.

Tracy - posted on 08/29/2009




I have very much the same problem, I think that its because we are at home with them and they depend on us more, I try to encourage my husband to spend quality time with my daughter when he gets home from work. I think they need their time as well and it will give you a break too. Maybe have a daddy day on the weekend so that they have some one on one time to bond and keep the schedule for a while.
Good luck and have your husband stay strong and not to give up!

Melissa - posted on 08/27/2009




My two year old flips at the switch too. They are volital little creatures. Tell hubby not to take it personally and to keep trying. Good luck!

Beth - posted on 08/27/2009




Oh poor guy. Just don't let her manipulate the situation. Rather than ignoring the fact that she's playing you guys when she comes running to you. Tell her straight away that her dad is right and back him up. Send her back to him and if she won't go, don't coddle her. Just take it with a bit of humour but keep a united front and verbalise your support of him to her - you'll get there in the end.

J Karen - posted on 08/27/2009




Children are very smart even at age 2. They pay attention to how things effect a person. We train them to be like that from the time they are born. If your husband does not show emotion to her manipulation of him she will soon quit. I have 6 children and they can and will play parents against each other as well. Good luck, God bless.

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