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Nina - posted on 03/04/2009 ( 8 moms have responded )




I am considering implimenting a no shoes rule in the house as my 10 month old is putting EVERYTHING in her mouth. I know the health benefits of this are many, but I am looking for practical solutions. I also have an active 5 and 3 year old who are in and out of the house constantly, front and back yard. I also need to wear something in the house for myself, as my feet hurt if I don't by the end of the day. Where would you put shoe receptacles, how many, and would you do away with the shoe bin in the kids' rooms altogether? Let me know what you think. Thanks!

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Dawn - posted on 03/04/2009




lucky for me my daughter takes her socks and shoes off no matter whose house we are at the second we walk in the door! it's my hubby that won't take his off. my rule to keep the amount of shoes at the door down is to just keep out 2 pair for each of us for the season. in winter a pair of boots and sneakers for the days it doesn't snow. in the summer sandles and sneakers. then the rest of the shoes go either out on the porch or in the coat closet. if you need to wear shoes in the house do what my mom does...she has a pair of sneakers that she only wears inside. she has really bad feet and needs special sneakers to wear for all day. she wears her snow boots out and then changes when she gets home.

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I have a nice shoe rack by the door we use most! Each person keeps one pair of "tie shoes", one pair of slip-ons and a pair of slippers to wear inside there. The shoes change with the seasons with the out of season shoes going into bedrooms. Keeps my white carpets (what moron puts white carpets on every floor of a house anyways!!!!!) cleaner. I found that kids are easier to train about shoes than husbands are BTW!

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The second my eldest son gets home, or to grandmas he takes his shoes off and no matter how much I want him to have them on he refuses to put them on. Then his younger brother spots him and has to have his shoes off. I want my kids to wear shoes because without shoes the foot flattens, grows wider, and once it gets too wide it is really hard to find shoes that fit properly. I know because I have a huge amount of trouble finding shoes for me because my mum let us have our shoes off. If you put a few toys in every room in the house then your bub will be more intersted in them then in bits of dirt from shoes, thats what I did. Hope you find something that will work for you.

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Quoting Nina:

The kids do in the summer, but it was 37 degrees and rainy today.  What do you suggest during croc weather?

i ask only cuz crocs are the easiest shoes to actually get kids to take off when they come in the house. i also like them during the winter as inside shoes. they dont really pick up a lot of stuff, so if you have to run outside, you wont be tracking a lot of stuff.  as for the rest of the year my best suggestion would b to put your shoe bin in a closet if you can. this will give you the ability to controll the pile of shoes at your door, as well as pick the most appropriate shoes for the weather. your older kids are big enough to b in charge of making sure the shoe area is kept organized. i would use this to your advantage... make a shoe chart and give the older kids stars or whatever each day based on how good they were about putting the shoes up, and then reward accordingly. next i would suggest keeping kid shoes by the back door and adult shoes by the front door.  as far as the kind of storage you use at each door kinda depends on your preferences. i really like small cloth bins. they are super easy access, can b washed when dirtied, and can be stuffed away when company is over. as far as what to do when you have people over, i am a fan of the raised edge rubber door mats. they keep the elements off your floor, and your guests shoes organized. this one can b a challenge if you have friends who rnt used to the shoes off rule. when i implemented this rule i had to put a note by the door to remind people, and to this day i am still known as the shoe nazi lol.  most important is to have a shoe cleaner by the door, this way, when people forget to remove them, they have cleared most of the dirt off b4 they even come in. and remember, by the time kids are 5 years old they have ingested aprox 1lb of dirt... so there is really only so much you can do. i hope this helps at all

Nina - posted on 03/04/2009




The kids do in the summer, but it was 37 degrees and rainy today.  What do you suggest during croc weather?

Jennifer - posted on 03/04/2009




Have a spot for shoes at least at the door your kids use the most.  Put something for guests to put their shoes in/on at the front door.  I'd take the shoe bins out of the kid's rooms and just keep shoes by the door, so they don't get confused with the new rules.  For you, I'd get a pair of shoes just for inside, or a really nice pair of memory foam slippers if you can wear those.

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