Should a 13 moth old have a temper already?

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I have a 13 month old boy, who was born 7 weeks premature, who has a terrible temper. If we tell him no or take something away from him, he will throw a fit and screams as loud as he can. Sometimes all it takes is for me to take him out of the bath, or take him off of the coffee table when he is climbing on it. He will throw his head back onto the floor and kick and scream like a wild man! Sometimes when he gets mad he will just start screaming a high pitched scream. My daughter never did any of these things so it is very frustrating to me. I usually just ignore him and let him cry it out. I really could use some advice. Is this normal behavior?


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Jennifer - posted on 06/06/2012




Holly has some great advice. Check out "Raising the Spirited Child" too. It has made a great difference for us. It helps you evaluate both your child's and your personality and quirks. This, in turn, helps you to understand what may be going on and offers ways to approach it. Best of luck!

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I frequently turn to books for answers. Especially if he was a colicky baby, and the fact that he was early, I would recommend reading about Sensory Processing Disorder. I wish someone had told me to do so earlier. Just for tips and techniques. Can find info online of course, but reading The Out of Sync Child from the library really helped me.

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my son just turned 12 months and he has got my temper lol. he lets everyone know when he doesn't like something...he screams, throws his head back, kicks, and worst of all, bites! also, the kicker is, when i tell him "no" he laughs and says back "yeah". he was such a content baby but its like a complete different child the last few months. it is frustrating, but i feel that this is the way they communicate. we can vocalize...they aren't there yet. but i completely feel your pain! sometimes though i just sit back and laugh because he is so full of emotion and is super focused :) gotta make light of the situation right?

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my 7 month old daughter is starting to learn to express her discontent in the form of the typical 2 year old tantrum of kicking her feet and wailing and trying to thrash around. granted, she's hitting most developmental markers early but it's obnoxious lol. just another way for her to express herself for good or bad :)

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It's very normal. Think about how frustrating it is to want something and not be able to get it, and then, to want to say something but not be able to communicate it! Very frustrating!
I think for a 13 month old there are some better ways than just crying it out every time he throws 'tantrums', but sometimes ignoring the behavior is the right way to go. In general, with my very spirited boys, I have talked in low tones, offered alternatives, and distracted at this age, but there were some times when I told them that certain behaviors are not acceptable and stepped away. You have to determine those moments for yourself. Good luck! :D

Jennifer - posted on 06/02/2012




They call them the terrible twos, but honestly it starts a lot earlier. It is perfectly normal. At 15 months, my oldest started banging his head on the floor when he didn't get his way. I just simply ignored it (as hard as that was) and he stopped. Kids that age, know a lot about what is going around them, but they just haven't learned how to communicate how they feel. They can't tell you what they want, so they throw a fit to let you know they aren't happy. Also, they have learned that fit throwing gets attention, so usually ignoring until they have calmed down, like what you have been doing works great.

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