Should i consider using a timer during meal times??

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Hello moms, this is my first time here asking a question and I am hoping that all you wonderful ladies will help me with my dinner dawdler. I have 2 wonderful kids, daughter 7 and son 4. Both my kids comes to the table and then just sits there, taking a bite every now and then, but not usually without a little prompting.They constantly hops up and down from the table to check on something vital going on in the other room (a game half-played?) barely taking a bite. They eats constantly throughout the meal but their bites are so small you begin to wonder whether they are even putting anything in their mouth! They not only dawdle during dinner, but also during breakfast and lunch. other mom's have suggested me to use a timer but have'nt done it yet...they told me that the timer will teach children the concept of time and reduce distraction...I saw one on amazon but before i could invest in one I wanted to check with you lovely mom's if any one of you have successfully tried it.


Jodi - posted on 08/05/2015




You could try it (but be generous initially and work your way up), and have a reward for eating within the timer. In my house, if you don't eat dinner within a certain timeframe, you (1) don't get dessert and (2) you then need to immediately get ready for bed and generally miss out on a bit of TV time. So you could use something as a reward for a timely dinner. Can I ask what is distracting them? Addressing the distractions can work too.

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