Should I have another baby?

Priscilla - posted on 08/26/2011 ( 8 moms have responded )




I really think that I am ready to have another baby.I am planning on going back to school next year,I have 1 more year to go but I think that I should have a baby 1st so that when I start school I can focus on school.My husband is in love with the idea but I am so nervous to really commit and do it.Every time its time to (you know)I start thinking that it might be a bad idea.Not sure what to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Please help


Tamara - posted on 08/27/2011




I honestly feel if your asking your really not ready and/or having doubts about everything. I think you should sit and discuss it with your hubby and see what he thinks and go from there and figure things out together.

Amy - posted on 08/28/2011




If you are planning to go to school then wait for a baby. Being pregnant alone can make it difficult to concentrate. Consider what it is that you want. If you want to be home with and raise your own child then I would either put school on hold for about 6 years until your child is old enough for a full day at school so you can finish your degree then go to work or wait a year to have a baby, finish your degree, then put your career on hold for 6 years. While children are wonderful, having them now will conflict with your schooling and career goals. If you choose to go to school, start a career and have a baby you have no idea how hard it is going to be, not to mention stressful for you, your husband and your baby. Just think about what it is that you really, really want for your life, just don't do both at once because one will hinder the other. Good luck!

Stephanie - posted on 08/27/2011




p.s- I'm pregnant now with my third child and it will work out. My 2 girls are 2 yrs apart and my boy will be 4 and 6 yrs apart so its better for us to do it now because of the age gaps. But like I said if your unsure think it over a lil more.

Stephanie - posted on 08/26/2011




Make a list of pros and cons and set a good time for you to do it that you feel comfortable. Me and my husband always talk about it but I'm never sure either but when it happens its great! What's the age differences and such. Two yrs apart and up is good so they can grow up together close and have a playmate.

Jennifer - posted on 08/26/2011




It all depends on you and what you can handle. For me, it would be better to finish school. Newborns are a lot of work, and sometimes things don't go as smoothly as we wish. With my last child, I never could have added another stressor like college. I suffered from PPD, and my baby was sick a lot. She was in and out of the hosp. all last winter. Like I said though, it is really up to you. One more year can really feel like an eternity when you've been bitten by the baby bug.


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Lilliana - posted on 08/27/2011




My hubby and I ALWAYS want more babies!!
But we have a check list for deciding if it's good timing:

1. Are all older siblings happy and emotionally ready?
2. If it's twins (we just had twins) and or/ has any mental/physical problems are we ready for that?
3. Are we in a financial position where we can fully care for an additional baby?
4. Are we both happy in our relationship and all other fields?
5. Why do we want another baby

If it's yes for the first 4 and #5 is a reasonable answer we have a baby!!
If you don't really really want a baby, don't have one! Your time will come! What's the rush?

Tia - posted on 08/26/2011




I agree with Montana, but it will be hard to go to school and have a new born. What about spending time with your child? There will your focussed? Will your husband pickup the slack once you go back to school?

Montana - posted on 08/26/2011




To me it seems there is no "perfect" time to get pregnant. It always is gonna interfere with something. If you think u can handle it, go for it.

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