Should I need a babysitter when my husband is home?

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He forgets to feed her! I "made the mistake" of going to a movie with some female friends for the first time in months (6, to be exact) ,(prepped dinner beforehand) got home about midnight and not only was she still up but she was unfed as well, all he had to do was microwave the meals, failing that, order pizza at least. I made sure to let him know when I was getting back but he said he lost track of time (playing xbox) and was waiting for me. This is just one example among many. this happens roughly once every two weeks when I go into town for shopping.

arg... Do I really need to get a babysitter when my husband is home?


Denikka - posted on 10/27/2012




Screw donating it. I'd take a friggen hammer to the damn thing and leave it beside his pillow!

That's absolutely ridiculous. I can understand being an hour late with dinner, or making chicken nuggets or hotdogs instead of something nutritious. But to *forget to feed* your child until midnight?!?! Did he at least change her or anything? Obviously he was so absorbed in his game that he didn't spend any time with her.

Perhaps, next time you go out (make it in the near future), make a big deal of hiring a baby sitter. Actually do it. If he asks why, or makes a deal about being able to watch his own kid, tell him that he's proven that he's NOT capable of watching her for a few hours and you're not willing to risk your daughters safety. Maybe that will give him the good smack upside the head that he needs and deserves.

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Angela - posted on 10/28/2012




Id smash the xbox up, then forget to do his washin, cookin, ironin... he made ur daughter an option. Thats appauling behaviour, id make sure i got a sitter and when she turned up id say very loudly 'he prefers the xbox to parenting'

Amanda - posted on 10/27/2012




You shouldn't need a baby sitter if your husband is home. But, if I found my husband had not fed my children and they were still up at midnight, he would never be looking after them again on his own.

If you still trust him to care for her properly when you are not there then you need to set some ground rules.

Evening routine at the usual time.

No xbox until she is in bed asleep.

Maybe pre order a pizza to be delivered at a certain time if picking up the phone is too hard.

Shauna - posted on 10/27/2012




Maybe he needs a list of things to do on paper...? This is really sad. I would be appalled and probably would donate the xbox when he wasn't home. No, you should not need one but if it comes down to that then I would suggest looking for a different husband.

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