Should I put her back in nappies??

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I have a 4 yr old daughter who is potty trained during the day, she still has accidents but she's getting there. My husband thinks she is old enough to be potty trained at night.
We have a lock on our bathroom door as she has flooded our house twice (toilet roll in the sink and tap left on!) the door is unlocked during the day and locked at night so she has a potty in her bedroom to use at night. She will use the potty when she is awake and we wake her 2/3 times during the night to take her but her bed is wet every night! I think we should put her back into nappies at night but my husband doesn't. She shares a room with her baby brother and it smells all the time, I use Febreeze fabric spray on the mattress and odour eliminator in the air but it doesn't seem to make a difference and I have to change her sheets everyday.
I was a deep sleeper with a weak bladder so I wet the bed until I was 10 and I heard it can be hereditary, should I be worried? What ages were your children bed trained? Is there anything I can do?
Thank you. :-)


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First of all take her to the doctors she may have a small bladder that makes it impossible for her to hold the pee during a deep sleep. Then put her in nite time pants because waking soaked can not be nice for her and having to do all the washing all the time is not funny. Let your husband do the laundry if he wants her out of pull ups! Rule out any medical problems first because bed wetting is hereditary but does not usually happen every night.

For your daughters self esteem she should be allowed to use pull ups during the night and I am afraid at some point you have to unlock the bathroom and trust her again. A child or 4 who shares her room is not going to pee in a potty. She will grow out of this eventually but until them make life easier for yourself and put her in pull ups you are not doing her any favours by waking her 2-3 times a night she needs her sleep.

Adrienne - posted on 06/02/2011




Well, if her urine tests came back clear - there really aren't any other tests that I can think of. But if you feel that your doctor is rubbish, go with your gut and get a new doctor.

As for the bed, they do make washable bed protectors (sometimes called incontinence pads or chucks). We have a couple that we used on our older boy's bed when he was having accidents in addition to the mattress cover. They can go either under or over the sheet and since they are washable you minimize the smell issue. Also we used to layer his bedding so chuck, bottom sheet, top sheet - all tucked in then another chuck, bottom sheet and the rest of his bedding. So that way when an accident does happen you strip off the jammies and the top layer of bedding and back into bed they go with a minimal amount of bustling around.

And I agree with Kellie. Just don't make a big deal of it and make sure she knows that you're not angry with her. Explain that it's just that her body is growing faster than her bladder can keep up (that's the reason the doc gave us for our son's nighttime accidents past age 4) and that she'll grow out of it.

Good luck!

Kellie - posted on 06/02/2011




only advice i have is to put a plasticy type sheet under her sheet so if she does wet herself then it won't go through to the mattress and cause the smell.
Pull ups are also a good idea. Be sure to tell her there is no shame/nothing wrong with this. Maybe even tell her you had the same problem so she can relate, if you explain to her it's ok etc it shouldn't affect her self esteem.

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My daughter wet her bed too. She just stopped at 4.5-5. It's normal and nothing to be concerned about if you've taken her to the doctors. The waterproof mattress pad should help a ton. And by the way if my daughter is overtired or stressed she has accidents every now and then.
So just keep at it. I'm not sure about putting her BACK in the pull-ups but I understand the mess.

I guess it depends on how often it's happening.

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You should put a waterproof mattress cover on and it wont smell....My son wore pull-ups at night until about 4.5 and one day he was just done and started waking up to pee. He has been totally day and nap time trained since he was 24 months so usually night time takes longer especially with kids that are basically dead when they sleep. I can vacuum my sons room while he is sleeping and it wont wake him up.


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Thank you for the advice ladies! I will be putting her in pull ups during the night. She has a mattress protector, a waterproof sheet and her bed sheet on top. I have taken her to the doctors who sent off a urine sample but that came back clear, should they have done anything else? Our doctor is rubbish!! should I get a second opinion?
Thank you again ladies! :-)

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She can't control whether or not she pees in her sleep. All kids are different and will get there when their bodies are ready. If you were 10.... I'd say there is a good chance that it'll be a while for her.

My girls stopped using night time pullups at 4.5, but would wet the bed about once a week at first. The frequency gradually decreased, but our last wet bed was at 8.5... and they are 9.5 now.

My son, on the other hand, turned 3 two months ago and has been dry through the night for about 6 months w/out a single accident.

Bottom line... if she's wetting the bed frequently... give you ALL a break and put her in a pull up.

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I would put her back into a pull-up or diaper.
If you are worried about it maybe try to put a pair of underwear overtop of the diaper so she understands that she isn't going straight back to a diaper, but still is a reminder that she should try to use the potty at night.

My husband was a late bed wetter when he was little, and I think our two year old will be as well.
Our son will not wake up to use his potty at night, but will use it during the day no problem.
I think the pros of going back to diapers (at this point) outweighs the cons. Our water bill last month was over 100 dollars because of the excess water we had to use washing his bedding every night, as well as the towels we used to sop up the excess pee in between the sheet and the mattress cover.. and then having to bath him every morning instead of twice a week.
His room also started to smell like an outhouse. Ick.

Having our son in a diaper at night ensures that we will have less stress, less cleaning, less smell, and more sleep.

I know he'll get their eventually. In the meantime we are going with the motions.
Good luck.

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Bladder problems can be hereditary. They have big kid pull ups. Maybe try those at night. My cousin has tourettes syndrome and had bladder issues as a result and also wore pull ups at night until she was 10 as a result. Talk to her doctor and definitely keep up with the effort so she doesn't regress. Good luck.

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I wouldn't put her back in a proper nappy, as this may be upsetting for her and damage her sense of being a "big girl", but it doesn't sound like she is quite ready to be dry at night. I would suggest pull ups or pyjama pants designed for slightly older children. They are not as absorbent as nappies, so you'll still need to take her to the loo a couple of times at night, but she won't be soaking wet and it'll save you some laundry! I'd also recommend a water proof sheet to protect the mattress, if you don't already have one.

All kids are different and ready at different times, so it's no biggie, she'll get there in the end :)

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Get her bed time pull ups. Period. My older boy was 8 before the night time accidents stopped completely. It is completely normal, especially if she is a heavy sleeper. What you can do in order to make your husband understand is make an appointment with her pediatrician about it and make him go with you. They'll explain what is normal and not. Hopefully then he'll understand. It's not fair to you or to her to be waking up several times a night to potty, just to end up with her sleeping in wet jammies and bed anyway. Limit her fluids for the 2 hours before bedtime, have her potty right before bed and then put a pull up on her.

As for the smell - there is a product made by Bio-Kleen called Bac-Out. It is an absolute miracle worker and will get out any organic stain -including urine.

Good luck.

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