Should I send speech delayed daughter to preschool at 3?

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I am a SAHM, had NO plans on sending my daughter to preschool at 3 years of age but she will be starting speech therapy soon from our school system. All the evaluators said it would help for her to go to preschool to be around peers to improve her speech, but IF she didn't go it isn't the end of the world. It would be at a regular preschool NOT special ed). She talks up a storm, but is extremely hard to understand, her receptive language to perfect, but she has a 7 month delay in her expressive language, fronts and drops off the ends of her words. They said to try to get her around kids her age as much as possible. i don't have friends to do playdates, but we've been going to story times at libraries, indoor gyms and the playground since she was a baby. At the playground, she is very social. But for the past year at story time, she stands by me and won't even sit with the rest of the kids let alone speak to them. I know the whole idea of putting her in preschool is so she can learn the proper way to speak from her peers, have some fun and be forced to speak to them without having me there who knows what she is saying. She is pretty attached to me, she stays with her father or my mother without a problem, so that makes me feel sort of guilty to send her off someplace. Also the prices are outraeous imo. She keeps saying she wants to make friends though. I would feel awful if she didn't adjust and if it ended up taking months, I would just take her out. The pros is that she would finally make friends hopefully, I'd get a little one on one time with the baby and maybe we would meet some other families who could become friends with.

I brought her to the 2nd school I visited and she ripped off her jacket as soon as she got in the classroom, walked away from me, sat down in the circle and paid attention to the teacher. I actually had to tell her we were leaving and tell her to put her jacket back on bc the director was bringing us to another room. She totally shocked me when she did this, considering she won't leave my side at story time. I also plan on putting her in dance next year, but again, not a lot of talking is going on.

Both schools would only be 2 days a week for a bout 2-3 hours. The other option I have is to enroll her in a YMCA type of class that runs for 8 weeks for 1x or 2x a week, just to get her used to having to talk to kids and not do the year long preschool. I'm also certified to teach elementary school, so the learning part I'm not that worried about.

We had originally planned to keep her home until she was 4 and send her to pre-k, which is like the new k, but I'm afraid that she won't make progress this year staying home with me and enter pre-k at a public school with teachers and students not know what she is saying. Both my husband and I went to speech and my husband still is pretty hard understand and there are a few words he still can't say properly. Not sure what happened there. I know I am probably OVERTHINKING, this, but sending her to preschool would be a big deal for me. Plus classes fill up quickly here so we need to make a decision soon,

So, will preschool really help her that much with her speech? Would you send her to preschool or wait until she is 4 for pre-k?



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I sent my oldest daughter to preschool at 3 for the socialization. I knew I could teach her colors and to write her name and ABC's etc. And I was worried about leaving her with a teacher since she had ALWAYS been with me or my hubby. But she LOVED it from day 1. And it did give me time to spend with the baby, and she made friends. Friends who went with her to PreK, and some of those friends are now in Kindergarten with her too. Now the baby has turned 3, and I'll be sending her to preschool 2 days per week next school year. She's been asking to go to preschool since she was big enough to ask….. she see's her sister having fun at school and she wants to go too.

BUT - ultimately this is YOUR decision, and none of us can make it for you. What are your mommy instincts telling you to do?

And I really have no idea if preschool with help her with her speech or not.

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