Should I stay with my children father?

Terri - posted on 04/28/2016 ( 2 moms have responded )




We have been together 10 years and have three children the youngest is 10 months old. I found out that he cheated on me for 5 years with one woman and they have a baby together. He cheated with 6 women and I did not find out anything until I was 7 months pregnant with our third child. He was engage to this woman before asking me to marry him and I never knew. This woman came to our house with her baby when I was 7 months pregnant and told me about the other 5 women. Two of the women called and curse me and even came to the house to curse me. Now another one is claiming he father her child. He lied for a year that he had a DNA test done. He gave me the same STD 4 times even gave it to me when I was last pregnant but alway blame and accused me of giving the STD to him. We purchase two houses together and started a business. He is a very good father to our children and a good business partner but cheated so many times especially having a relationship with someone else for 5 years. I cry myself to sleep a lot and I can't get pass that he ruin our relationship. Our children talk about him all the time when he's at work and I feel so bad thinking about what will happen to them if I was to leave him. I am trying to stay for the children ages 6, 3, and 10 months but I feel so sad and angry! I am so confuse and hurting. I don't sleep much worrying if and when another woman will call or show up at my house to curse me because she want to be with him. I still love him very much and I have Never Cheated on him and the thought of it makes me sick to my stomach. Please help! I am afraid my children will hate me in the future if I leave him!!


Jodi - posted on 04/28/2016




Surely you knew he was cheating the first time he gave you an STD........

Anyway, why would you choose to remain married to a serial cheater. Staying for the kids? Why? So they can learn how to have a healthy happy relationship? You are only teaching them that this kind of behaviour is acceptable. And they WILL find out one day if you stay with him, because he's not going to stop cheating. Don't stay with someone purely for the sake of the children. You need to be happy too.


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Michelle - posted on 04/28/2016




Never ever stay for the children.
Your children deserve to be brought up in a happy environment and that isn't what you are providing at the moment.
You need to leave and put your children first. Your children won't hate you, as they get older they will see his true colours. Until then you need to give them a happy and safe house to grow up in.
Get yourself a lawyer and get custody, visitation and child support organized. Just because you leave him doesn't mean the children won't see their Father.

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