Should we change our 5month old son's pediatrician?

Erika - posted on 04/17/2010 ( 7 moms have responded )




Help 5month old son Keiran has terrible colds. It's been since 12days ago and still he hasn't recovered yet even though after he's seen his doctor and taken his prescribed meds already.

It all started last wednesday when he wasn't feeling like his old self. We went to see his pediatrician but since no pediaticians were available that day, we proceeded to the ER physician who informed us that Keiran had contact dermatitis But his pediatrician rung up the ER and advised us to be back the next day and then the next day she said it was just a case of rashes due to the fact that I use Aveeno Baby Wash and Shampoo for his bath. She instead recommended that i only use Oilatum bar soap on him and water for his bath and NEVER to use lotion even if he has dry skin. She reasoned out that the soap will take care of the dry skin, but it never did. The thing is, she's always been recommending it for my child since he was a newborn even if he itches from the said bar soap, and even if I told her so she would still insist that we use only that for him. So I discreetly switched him to Aveeno Baby products (soothing relief moisture cream, lavender & vanilla calming comfort lotion, soothing relief diaper rash cream, and wash and shampoo) and he never had any skin problems since. This kinda annoys his pedia when she found out about it, said that what she recommended is the best for my son and not Aveeno coz it's not for babies and not hypoallergenic. I showed her the products we use for Keiran so she'd see for herself that what we use are Aveeno Baby Products which are of course made for babies, but she just didn't bother to look or examine it.

We went home unsatisfied with the findings of Keiran's pediatrician, things got worse when we went home. My son started running a fever, refuses to nurse and play, had more spots on his chest and legs and cried the entire day. We informed his pediatrician about it but were just told to give him paracetamol every four hours and that was it. The next day we decided to bring him the doctor, another doctor for a second opinion. We brought our son to one of the most prestigious hospitals in our country, we wanted to get the best care and attention our son deserves. Turns out he has these nasty white sores on his upper palate and tongue, allergy, fever, colds and really dry skin. Pediatrician #2 said it's due to the sores reason why my baby won't nurse so we were advised to use droppers instead for feeding him so it won't come in contact with the sores. This new pedia also prescribed some meds for his allergies, colds and fever that we should give him for a number of times a day and a number of days each. We were happy with how our baby was examined, he was checked from head to toe unlike his own pedia who just unsnapped his clothes and gave a quick look at the red spots he had. Pediatrician #2 told us to disregard the previous doctor's advise of not using lotion coz it is really needed for dry skin to heal.

Well now, his fever and allergies are gone and is feeding well, but still has the runny nose. I'm actually wondering how else we could make the colds go away and whether we'd change his pediatrician or not. I was thinking, wouldn't it be rude or insulting if we change his doctor? Should we tell the pediatrician that we'll be appointing a new pediatricia for our son? Help please?!


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Jeanette - posted on 04/21/2010




Totally get a new pediatrician! you know your son and when something is wrong. If the Dr. wont listen to you and consistantly tells you to do things that dont work they are not a good "tool" in your mom toolbelt. As far as hurting their feelings, just dont schedule another apointment.

For my older daughter I went to one Dr who didnt even see us! I got their nurse practitioner who never prescribed RX, even though I was in alomst weekly for 3 months with my baby's cold. I switched Dr's and within a week under her care my Emma was better. Dont do this to your son. He is worth the best care available!

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I agree with the advice of the other women here. Your son's well being is more important than the paediatrician's. That said, you don't need to be rude about it. Just change doctors discreetly.

Tanisha - posted on 04/20/2010




Change pediatricians immediately! My daughter was having problems at around 1yr old. Everytime I took her in, her then ped said everything was fine, it's just normal childhood this or that or it's in my imagination. After her having breathing problems for three days my husband and I rushed her to the childrens hospital(much to the anger of the pediatrician). Due to me not listening to my first instinct-I almost lost my daughter! She stopped breathing en route. She has a condition known as dialated cardiomyopathy. Her lungs had filled with fluid and she was slowly suffocating. She had been perfectly healthy until 2 wks prior. If I had listened to that dr my beautiful little girl would be dead. Anytime you have a doubt, get another dr or at least a 2nd opinion. It could save your childs life! I now have a wonderful pediatrician that not only cares but listens and thoroughly checks my kids everytime. As for your little ones runny nose...I have found that a cool mist humidifier works great! My youngest twin son has permanent allergies and since the dr recommended it his runny nose has almost completely gone away. Good luck and hope this helps!

Adrianna - posted on 04/20/2010




I can tell you that Baby Aveeno has never broke my almost 3 yr old out or my almost 10 yr old step son and they have several Skin sensitives they both break out to alot of thing my almost 3 yr old is allergic to polyester and sunscreen and aveeno is only thing that don't break up out. and we use the bath wash on his and the lotion. and like stated before me Ur son deserves the best care and if u are not happy with his doctor yes i would be finding a new pediatrician.

Jessica - posted on 04/19/2010




I think if you are at all uncomfortable with your son's doctor then switch! If you think about it you are trusting them with a lot, so go with your gut. Don't worry about hurting their feelings or whatever- think of it this way, you'll never see her again so who cares!

By the way, I love your son's name :) We named our son Kieran too, he's 10 months!

Sara - posted on 04/19/2010




I agree with Heather. My daughter had lots of dry skin and her pedi was concerned it may be something more so he sent us to a child's dermatologist. I say you need to have the best possible care for your child, I would say bye bye to #1 and get the best

Heather - posted on 04/17/2010




Who cares if ped #1 is offended. You can't stay w/a doctor you are displeased w/to not hurt their feelings- like YOU said, your son deserves the best care possible. I'd just say, "adios" and move on!

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