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I have a three year old girl who is painfully shy, and shuts down easily in social situations. No one has really been able to tell me how best to help her out of this they all just say oh that's the way she is. Do any Moms out there have any tips on how to help children overcome crippling shyness?


Carina - posted on 03/13/2010




My daughter was very shy at parties too. My husband and MIL were sooo worried but I wasn't. I told them I was like that too. They do have therapist to help with that but I chose a different path and thank goodness my husband backed me up! If Daniela didn't want to play with other kids it was ok with us. We made her feel secure that it was up to her. We didn't smother her either. We moved around the party and socialized & she would follow us but not participate and we told her it was ok. We never pushed her but instead asked her if she was ready to play if she said no then we would say ok let us know when you are ready. I guess it worked b/c now I have the most social little butterfly ever! When you introduce your daughter to new people or at parties make sure that she see that YOU are comfortable and that you are happy to be there, that will help her at ease too. I hope this helps. My daughter was 2 and shy now she's 6 and extremely social.

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