Similar experience with 1 month tummy trouble anyone?

Lacey - posted on 12/01/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




I'm curious on what other parents have done at this point... My son started on breast milk but we switched to similac gentleease. After talking with pedi we switched to similac alimentum which did not seem to help with tummy issues. He crys out all day...basically if his eyes are open and he's not eating he is crying. He grunts and squirms all the time.doc had is do a 24 hour day of pedilyte to help with consipation.onc back on formula consipation came right back. We are now on neocate formula per doc orders. We have him on mess for reflux we try the gripe water and simethicone drops, colic drops, and now she has on hyosyne to help calm his intestines down.which I think has now made him constipated again. We had a really good 48 hours right when we started the hyosyne drops but now the past 48 hurs has been back to usual crying. Has any other parents experienced this and wax it something more serious that doc could be overseeing? We also have tried the chiropract and we do all the soothing tips such as white noise, swaddling, tummy exercise and massages, swing, bouncer, etc... Any suggestions on heat is going on. Doc doesn't think it's colic since it is all day everyday.


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My little girl is on breastmilk but i had to give her formula since I was in pain and had to go to the ER. Since she had the formula that one time she hasn't had a bile movement. So I called my doctor and he told me that if it goes past 5 days to bring her in but other than that her stomach just has to get used to the formula. She is fussy all day except when she is sleeping or on me. My doctor did not tell me to do anything other than to press her legs up to her tummy and to just try to console her. I hope things get better for you! Try to just stay relaxed and see if her digestive system will fix itself. Also I have acid reflex so I knew she would have it to, so we switched to a Glutose Free High Fiber diet and all I drink is Almond Milk for my dairy substitute and it has helped her get rid of Colic. You may want to try that if you go back to breastfeeding or switching formula to a no lactose formula.

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have you tested for a milk allergy? If there is an allergy then you need a special none lactose based formula. My daughter cried a lot for her first two months. I'm pretty sure she had colic and then she was diagnosed with reflux at 4 months old. She calmed down by 6 months. I know that sounds like eons away. Are you feeding on demand or on a schedule? I was told colic was something like atleast 3 hours of crying every day....... but you can have one dr that thinks colic doesn't exist where another will diagnose it.

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