single and broke mother of three!

Chedza - posted on 07/02/2016 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi moms, I recently lost my job and find that i had to cut down on expenses including letting go of my nanny. I have an 11month old, a four year old and a ten year old but no income and mounting debts. what can i do from home to generate enough money to take care of my babies. bare in mind i am a single mommy


Julie - posted on 07/03/2016




A friend of mine's family is going through a hard time financially right now and she custom makes ring slings and sells them for $50-$70/ sling. Seems like a a pretty easy sewing project. I know another woman who does pretty well selling Norwex. If you are good at any particular school subject you could offer your services as a tutor. Can you teach an instrument? Research ways to save money and cut back your expenses. My mother mowed lawns for a while to make ends meet. You can garden, take care of people's pets, water people's plants when they're away. Use your talents and work hard. I wish you the best.


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Michelle - posted on 07/02/2016




You can ask this in the work from home communities as we don't allow solicitations here and a question like this will just encourage them.
Or you could look for another job. I was a single Mum and working full time to pay my rent and bills. It's just what you have to do. My kids were in daycare while I was at work. I was never able to afford a nanny!!!

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