Sippy cups?

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I have twin girls that will be 9 months old on may 11th. I have been trying sippy cups since they were 6 months and they will not drink from them. I have tried mutiple kinds like Nuby, playtex, and Advent. I have tried juice, milk, water, and baby yogurt drinks. They won't take any of it.

We are traveling to Hawaii next month and its an 8 hour flight and was really hoping they would take them by then.

Any tips or advice?????


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Melissa - posted on 05/10/2009




With my daughter I did the same thing.. introduced sippy cups at 6 months.. she didn't really take to them until she was about 11 months... from then on she loved them. I transitioned fully to sippy cups at one year when I transitioned her off formula and onto homo milk. Good Luck! Hope it works for you but they may not be ready yet for the transistion.

Joy - posted on 05/08/2009




My son liked drinking from the sippy cupy with straws from when he was 6 months, he is now 8 months old. Apparently this is good for their jaw as well....he didnt take too well to any other cups but i will probably try again a little later on and mix them up.

Jana - posted on 05/06/2009




My daughter also drank from the straw cups first but then moved to a sippy cup. I would just keep water in them. They could be rejecting the cups because every time they try them it's something new for them to taste. It took my daughter awhile to get used to drinking water, but now loves it. Another idea is to offer a sippy cup with water in it when they are eatting crackers. Even if they are still gumming crackers, they'll be a little extra thirsty then. (maybe)

Have fun in Hawaii, if you are going to Oahu, I highly reccomend the Malasadas from Lenards Bakery. They are so good, I wish I could order them online because they are just that good!

Krystal - posted on 05/06/2009




my daughter took a straw cup at 7 months. munchkin makes a good spill proof, flexible plastic straw one. you could try the hard spout sippy cups too,maybe that would help?
good luck and have fun! the road to hana was grand fun! i dont know how easy it would be with 2 little ones as there is lots of in and out of the van. just enjoying the gorgeous ocean and sand is well worth it!

[deleted account]

I used Nuk and Nuby sippy cups with soft silicone spouts on them which eased the transition. I tried and failed many times. My son wasn't ready to take a sippy cup until he was a year old. I think they'll take it when they are ready. They like the comfort of a bottle too much I guess. Keep trying and good luck. Have a great time in Hawaii.

Shana - posted on 05/06/2009




my two kids did not like sippy cups till later they did like the ones with the straws . good luck and have a blast in Hawaii.

Amelia - posted on 05/06/2009




try the nuk one with the silicone spout. it's made for "breast or bottle to cup" my son is 5 months and he takes this one. i found it at target, it's not with the rest of the sippy cups, it was with the bottles. good luck.

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